The Traitors: Dan Gheesling and Janelle Pierzina reveal the most traitorous things they have ever done

Dan Gheesling Traitors
Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling is on The Traitors Season 2. Pic credit: Peacock

A new season of The Traitors debuts on Peacock this January.

The success of the first installment led to the producers inviting back many legends of reality television.

Within the group of 21 new players are two Big Brother legends competing for the $250,000 prize.

Big Brother winners Cody Calafiore and Rachel Reilly played in the first season but finished short of making it to the end.

Cirie Fields from Survivor won the first season of The Traitors, and she did so while being a Traitor.

The new group of players knows how the game is played, so it might be more difficult for Traitors to survive.

Dan Gheesling and Janelle Pierzina talk about being traitorous

Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling and four-time Big Brother player Janelle Piezina are on The Traitors 2.

To get fans excited about the upcoming season, interviews were done with the 21 players. The players were asked to name the most traitorous thing they had ever done.

“I think the most traitorous thing I’ve ever done, all you have to do is look up two seasons of Big Brother. I’m sure you can pick out hundreds of examples, but that’s not my real life,” Dan told Entertainment Weekly.

“When I play these games, it’s my chance to live my hobby. I really enjoy playing these games and I don’t do it in real life because I’m just a nice guy… or so they think,” Dan added.

Janelle was more abrupt with her answer to the question.

“The most traitorous thing that I’ve ever done? I would never admit to that. So maybe I am a true Traitor, but I would never admit that,” Janelle stated.

Below is a teaser trailer released by Peacock ahead of the new season.

More about The Traitors 2

Here is a breakdown of The Traitors 2 cast and the game rules. It is a fun reality competition show that debuts on Friday, January 12.

And here is the episode schedule for The Traitors 2. It is streaming on Peacock, but not every episode arrives on the same night.

Make sure to tune in on January 12 to see the season premiere of The Traitors. Dan stated it was time to end his retirement from reality TV to be on the show.

As a reminder, The Traitors Season 1 is available for streaming on Peacock.

And a new season of Big Brother arrives in Summer 2024. Julie Chen Moonves returns as host, and applications are still open for prospective BB26 cast members.

The Traitors 2 debuts on January 12 on Peacock.

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