The real reason The Voice coach Blake Shelton didn’t invite Adam Levine to his wedding

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine on The Voice
Blake Shelton and Adam Levine on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Blake Shelton just wrapped up his 21st season on The Voice.

While Blake didn’t win this year, after winning it all in Season 20, he still had a really good year.

Before The Voice kicked off the new season, Blake Shelton got married to former fellow Voice coach Gwen Stefani. The wedding took place at Blake’s home in Oklahoma and there was one person who wasn’t in attendance.

Despite having one of the best bromances on television when they helped launch The Voice, Blake Shelton didn’t invite Adam Levine to his wedding.

Now, Blake is explaining why Adam wasn’t there.

Blake Shelton didn’t invite Adam Levine to his wedding

Blake Shelton appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she asked him about the wedding. When she asked if Adam Levine was there, Blake said he didn’t invite him because of something Adam said when he was on Ellen’s show back in April.

When Levin appeared on Ellen’s show in April, he said he didn’t support Blake and Gwen getting married.

“I don’t support their marriage,” Levine said, clearly joking. “She’s so cool and he’s not.”

When Ellen said that Blake was a funny and smart guy, Adam downplayed it.

“he’s vaguely charming,” Adam said, before saying if he was at the wedding, he would object and they probably won’t invite him because of that.

Blake said his mom sent him a video of the Ellen interview.

“That’s the reason we didn’t invite him to the wedding is that interview he did on your show,” Blake said. He went on to say he “purposely did not invite Adam Levine to my wedding and I think it’s funny.”

The real reason Adam Levine wasn’t at Blake’s wedding

Both Adam Levine’s comments and Blake Shelton’s reaction were all in good humor. It is clear there are no bad feelings between the two men, who are still friends.

However, Blake Shelton said that Adam Levine wasn’t invited, as almost no one was on the invitation list for the small wedding, held while the coronavirus pandemic is still a real danger.

Blake said there were less than 30 people in attendance at the wedding, and this included the people who were working the wedding.

Blake even offloaded some of the blame to Gwen, saying he left all the wedding planning to her and didn’t deal with anything, calling himself a “lazy, deadbeat husband.”

The Voice is on hiatus. The reality singing competition should return to NBC in late 2022.

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