The real reason Susan Noles is in California — And it’s not The Golden Bachelorette

Susan Noles on The Golden Bachelor
Susan Noles is rumored to be The Golden Bachelorette star. Pic credit: ABC

There still hasn’t been an official announcement about who will be The Golden Bachelorette star.

This means Bachelor Nation has been feverishly looking for clues and making predictions about who it might be.

While some have called for a celebrity to take on that leading role, odds are it will be one of the women from Gerry Turner’s season of The Golden Bachelor.

Producers have even said there are several women with compelling stories who would make a great lead.

Reality Steve predicted that Leslie Fhima would be the star since she came in second place on Gerry’s season and was led to believe she was getting that final rose.

But now, some are thinking it could be Susan Noles, who has remained in the reality TV spotlight ever since her Week 5 elimination and we found proof that’s probably not the reason.

Susan Noles is in California and fans think she’s The Golden Bachelorette

Even though Leslie Fhima is a frontrunner for who Bachelor Nation thinks will be The Golden Bachelorette, Susan Noles is high up there too.

Her recent trip to California and a photo of herself at dinner definitely have amped up the buzz.

Just a few days ago, Susan shared a photo collage from the Smoke House Restaurant in Burbank. The middle photo depicted Susan with Kathy Swarts, and a man believed to be a Golden Bachelor producer.

She captioned the photo, “It’s official I finally went to the smokehouse restaurant with good friends.”

Susan Noles with Kathy Swarts and possibly a Bachelor producer
Susan Noles has Bachelor Nation wondering if she’s The Golden Bachelorette. Pic credit: @thesusannoles/Instagram

She’s still in California too, sharing photos and video from a gorgeous Palm Springs golf course and then another photo of herself with a huge smile.

She captioned that photo, “Love Cali.”

Susan Noles in California
Susan Noles is smiling in California. Pic credit: @thesusannoles/Instagram

This might not seem unusual except that Susan is from Pennsylvania so naturally, The Golden Bachelor fans wonder what she’s doing in Los Angeles with Kathy.

Here’s the real reason Susan is in California

While we’re truly hoping an announcement about The Golden Bachelorette is coming soon, it turns out that’s not why Susan is in California.

Instead, it seems like a much better chance that she’s there to film The Bachelor Women Tell All. After all, she and the other three members of the ASKN crew from The Golden Bachelor made an appearance on Joey’s season.

Reality Steve revealed that the Women Tell All was filmed on March 6 – the same day she shared the photo from the Smoke House in Burbank. It’s not a coincidence that The Bachelor specials are filmed at Warner Bros. Studios, also in Burbank.

Considering Kathy was there too, it’s safe to assume they were on hand for the Women Tell All and not necessarily to film The Golden Bachelorette, which isn’t even starting to film for a couple more months.

The Golden Bachelorette is coming in the fall of 2024 to ABC.

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