The real reason Daisy Kent went on The Bachelor was to be The Bachelorette?

Daisy Kent on The Bachelor
Daisy Kent has been a Bachelor fan favorite all season. Pic credit: ABC

Daisy Kent has been a fan favorite all season on The Bachelor.

But now that we’re down to the end of Joey Graziadei’s season, there’s been a change in the viewership, as some have seemingly turned their backs on Daisy.

It’s so obvious that public opinion has changed that even Reality Steve mentioned it during an exclusive interview with Monsters and Critics.

It could be (at least in part) due to The Bachelor finale spoilers that turned out to be false, changing who would win the season.

We won’t share those spoilers here but if you want to know, click here.

It could also be due to editing, with Daisy getting a great edit for the first part of the season and then fading into the background when the bullying drama with Maria took over for several weeks.

But now, we have some viewers speaking out and calling Daisy boring, while others seem to think that her role on the show was a calculated move on her part.

What is the real reason Daisy Kent went on The Bachelor?

Now, with so much chatter surrounding her reason for joining The Bachelor cast, she’s been accused of taking the role for all the wrong reasons.

A source claiming to be close to Daisy told The US Sun, “She went on the show to become famous and in hopes of becoming The Bachelorette.”

They went on to say that Daisy “knew what she was doing” in joining the cast in her effort to gain more fame.

“Daisy was calculated from the beginning and knew how to make it as close to the end as possible,” the source continued.

If that’s the case, she did a great job because, even after the drama with Maria that took over the season, Daisy still has the largest social media following of all the women who competed for Joey’s heart this season.

The Bachelorette lead will be Daisy or Maria?

Given that she’s already made it to the final three on The Bachelor, there’s a really good chance that she will be The Bachelorette lead.

Reality Steve even predicted that it would be Daisy and shared a solid explanation for why it would be between Daisy and Maria – with the biggest reason being that they are the most popular.

After all, a majority of Bachelorette leads in the show’s history have been picked from the final four on The Bachelor – which is where Maria and Daisy both landed.

At this point, it really comes down to which one The Bachelorette producers think will bring in the best ratings and highest viewership for the show.

The Bachelor airs on March 18 at 9/8c on ABC.

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Debra Frederick
Debra Frederick
2 months ago

Not a fan of Maria

DeAnna Woodall
DeAnna Woodall
2 months ago

Yall made this up. Daisy isn’t that type of person. She didn’t get the role of next Bachelorette. Jenn did. So???