Exclusive interview: Reality Steve breaks down The Bachelor spoiler error, defends Daisy Kent

Reality Steve Carbone
Reality Steve opened up about how he puts together The Bachelor spoilers. Pic credit: Monsters and Critics

Steve Carbone, better known as Reality Steve, has become the indisputable spoiler king for The Bachelor and all its spinoffs.

Starting out with a column about The Bachelor that he wrote as a fan, Reality Steve’s big break came when he got a hot tip about Jason Mesnick’s messy season.

The rest is history, as he quickly became the go-to source for all the juiciest Bachelor Nation spoilers, launching a 15-year career from what began as a reality TV obsession and, quite frankly, a hobby.

This season, Reality Steve nailed nearly every single episode of the show with detailed spoilers about who gets Joey Graziadei’s attention, who gets a rose, and who goes home with surgical precision.

That is, except who gets that final rose, as his initial spoilers from before this season of The Bachelor even started had claimed that the winner is Daisy Kent.

It turns out that wasn’t the case, something that Reality Steve has since owned and corrected. Now, he’s opening up about how that happened and how he feels about it.

Reality Steve dishes on The Bachelor spoiler mistake and why it happened

Reality Steve made clear that he isn’t on The Bachelor production team and never actually sees any part of the season with his own eyes.

All of his information comes second and sometimes even third-hand from multiple sources, and he was able to break down how he receives information and evaluates it for accuracy.

With so much information coming in before and during the season, Steve said that he hears every season that his spoilers are wrong but rarely is that really true — which is why this season’s finale spoiler mistake was initially overlooked before overwhelming evidence pointed to a different final rose winner.

“Every time I’ve given a spoiler, whenever I did, whether it was before the season started or halfway through the season, I’m always told ‘you’re wrong,'” Reality Steve explained. “So every season I have to go through this and sometimes it’s like ‘I’m sick of it. This is right.'”

The Bachelor spoiler king defends Daisy Kent against recent hate

It’s been an interesting turn of events as The Bachelor viewers have gone from loving Daisy Kent while the spoilers had her pegged as Joey’s fiancee to turning on her after the truth was revealed.

It’s something that Reality Steve has seen happening in real-time and had a lot to say about it as he thinks Daisy is a frontrunner for The Bachelorette lead.

“If you’re asking me who I think it’s going to be, my guess would be Daisy. She is someone who’s got the biggest following coming out of this season, she’s got a story that no other lead has ever had… and she finished second,” Reality Steve predicted.

He went on to blast The Bachelor fans for complaining that all they “know” about Daisy is that she has a cochlear implant. “The nerve of some people who are full of hearing to tell somebody to stop talking about her cochlear implant just seems so disturbing to me and so off-putting.”

He continued, “I’m floored by some of the responses. You can like Maria over Daisy for Bachelorette, I’m fine with that. But people aren’t just saying I’d prefer Maria. They are saying Daisy seems calculated, she’s been out for The Bachelorette since the beginning, she won’t stop talking about her cochlear implant.”

Recently, Reality Steve took his podcast to the Bleav network. Download the Reality Steve Podcast here.

Watch the entire conversation with Reality Steve Carbone here to learn more about his process, who he thinks will be The Bachelorette lead, and why he thinks Leslie Fhima will be The Golden Bachelorette.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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