The Bachelor viewers demand Maria Georgas for The Bachelorette lead after Montreal one-on-one

Maria Georgas selfie
Maria Georgas has The Bachelor viewers in love. Pic credit: @maria.georgas/Instagram

Maria Georgas has certainly made her mark on Bachelor Nation!

The Bachelor is currently airing episodes in Canada, where Maria is from, and she’s been shining bright like a diamond.

She can breathe easy now too, because all the women who were gunning for her have gone home as Joey knocked them down like dominoes – one by one.

First, Sydney went home during the two-on-one in Malta that Maria admitted she didn’t really want to do.

Then, Joey sent Madina home in Spain.

Soon after, he sent Jess home after the group date in Montreal and didn’t give Lea a rose later in that episode at the rose ceremony.

As all her haters go home and get inundated with social media hate, The Bachelor fans can’t seem to get enough of Maria and are singing her praises.

The Bachelor viewers want to see more of Maria Georgas

In fact, many viewers really want to see more of Maria after The Bachelor is too, and the calls for her to become The Bachelorette just won’t stop.

After the latest episode, Maria shared a carousel of photos showing her one-on-one date with Joey that had her fans going crazy. They shared their love and desire to see her as the next lead in the comments section.

One wrote, “Maria for the bachelorette?!” as if they weren’t sure but sure enough to type it out.

Another wrote, “No I need you to be the bachelorette on a level that I didn’t even know reality TV had access to.”

Yet another wrote, “I have never seen a bachelor so chill with a girl before! I hope he picks you but if not I hope you guys are lifelong friends because [wide eyes emoji} and then Maria for bachelorette.”

Maria Georgas comments
The Bachelor viewers are calling for Maria to be the Bachelorette. Pic credit: @maria.georgas/Instagram

Another commenter questioned if Maria could be The Bachelorette and another seemingly answered, writing, “Maria for bachelorette? Yes pls.”

One fan claimed that Maria gave them a reason to watch The Bachelor franchise.

Maria Georgas comments
Some Bachelor viewers are tuning in for Maria. Pic credit: @maria.georgas/Instagram

“MARIA FOR BACHELORETTE!!! she will single handedly save the franchise,” an excited fan claimed.

Maria Georgas comments
Maria Georgas has The Bachelor fans weighing in. Pic credit: @maria.georgas/Instagram

Maria Georgas claims she wasn’t ‘innocent’ in drama with Sydney on The Bachelor

Everyone seems to love Maria after she was relentlessly accused of bullying Sydney over the first half of the season, and now, she is making a huge admission.

Before the last episode, Maria admitted that she wasn’t entirely innocent in the back and forth that played out with Sydney – and then Lea and Jess.

While she didn’t admit to actually bullying anyone, Maria said she could have handled things differently. She also said that she’ll always stand up for herself.

Perhaps that’s why Bachelor Nation is overwhelmingly Team Maria when it comes to pretty much this entire season.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Sharon Winter
Sharon Winter
1 month ago

This isn’t true; far from a fan favorite. Most commentators are negative about her! Why is she being pushed ! Few like her.

1 month ago
Reply to  Sharon Winter

I absolutely can’t stand that ignorant pompous broad. She’s got a lotta class… All of it lower. Daiseys my definite favorite hands down. She’s totally opposite that nasty bi#ch.

LynneLou Weborg
LynneLou Weborg
1 month ago
Reply to  Sharon Winter

I liked her, then became unsure, but like her a lot now, after I really listened to her, and tried to figure her out. I guess she reminds me of my young self. Good hearted, but say things the wrong way sometimes and getting upset and hurt for being so misunderstood. (BTW. I’m in my 70’s now.) Go Maria!

Gail johnson
Gail johnson
1 month ago

Maria was rude and does not deserve to be with Joey. She didn’t play fair. Was mean to some of the girls. Can’t stand her.