The Masked Singer’s S’More unmasked after flirty remarks to Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger

s'more face shot from the masked singer season 10 performance
The Masked Singer’s S’More did his best to melt the panelists’ hearts with his latest performance. Pic credit: Fox

The Masked Singer held Disco Night for the Group A finalists, and things started to sizzle when S’More flirted with several of the show’s panelists.

While three celebrity contestants arrived to perform, only one would move on to the grand finale, and a double unmasking was set to occur.

The Cow, Gazelle, and S’More were the three Group A competitors, each getting a different disco hit to perform.

All three mystery celebs wowed with their vocals, but based on the show’s early votes, S’More had the lowest score, meaning he had to unmask.

S’More performed a recognizable hit from KC and the Sunshine Band ahead of his reveal.

He didn’t hesitate to tell Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger a few things as he offered some flirty remarks.

S’more performed a major disco hit before flirting with panelists

Ahead of S’More performing KC and the Sunshine Band’s That’s the Way (I Like It), another clue package was shown to assist panelists in their guesses.

Two key clues shown during the segment were a pair of boots and S’More working out with weights. S’More was shown rehearsing in a black sweatshirt with “Don’t Talk to Me” written on the front.

He then delivered an upbeat and energetic performance of the classic disco song, which got the audience and panelists moving and grooving out of their seats.

Following the performance, the panelists praised S’More, and he didn’t hesitate to offer a few flirty comments.

“Jenny, don’t tell Donnie, but you’re my favorite covergirl,” he said.

That may have got people thinking he was from her husband Donnie Wahlberg’s boy band, New Kids on the Block.

Nicole Scherzinger seemed to get jealous after his remark to Jenny, but S’More had a smooth recovery.

“Nicole, you make me feel all gooey inside,” the mystery celeb said to melt the panelist’s heart.

S’More unmasking revealed another boy band star

After the early round of votes was tallied, it was determined that Cow and Gazelle would move on to compete in a Battle Royale. Meanwhile, the S’More got the lowest votes, so he stayed on stage and had to unmask.

Before the reveal, the panelists gave their final guesses on which celebrity was in the costume. S’More had mentioned he once visited Robin Thicke’s home. With that, Robin speculated it was Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys.

Ken Jeong also offered a guess from the Backstreet Boys but said he thought it was AJ McClean from the group.

Nicole believed that S’More’s remark to Jenny pointed to him being from New Kids on the Block and guessed it might be Jordan Knight.

Jenny stuck with her initial guess from weeks ago. Based on an angel Christmas tree ornament presented as one of the clues, she said it was Ashley Parker Angel from O-Town.

And when the mask finally came off, Jenny was correct. The O-Town star said, “The Masked Singer is unlike any show on Earth” and called it “an incredible experience as a performer.”

Jenny told Angel she was a huge fan and praised his “beautiful” voice. He entertained the fans again by singing his group’s hit song All or Nothing as part of his elimination.

“Big shout out to my family. Shout out to my son. I love you, Derek,” Angel said as part of his farewell remarks.

While Nick announced at the show’s start that there would be a double elimination, he also revealed a golden bell that could be used to save one of the contestants.

That came into play as Ken saved Gazelle after her Battle Royale loss to Cow, as the panelist speculated Gazelle is his close friend, Constance Wu.

With that, Cow and Gazelle will move on. Group B’s three contestants will be next to compete, with potential for the season’s first double unmasking.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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