The Masked Singer’s Husky reveals his regret from Season 10 after unmasking

the masked singer season 10 husky
Husky during I Wanna Rock Night on The Masked Singer Season 10. Pic credit: FOX

It was a Group B battle during The Masked Singer Season 10’s I Wanna Rock Night, and two celebrities were forced to unmask.

The evening featured returning characters Tiki, Sea Queen, and Husky performing recognizable rock songs.

It was a double elimination as panelist Ken Jeong had used the only available save for Group A, keeping Gazelle in the game.

The first unmasking of the evening came as the audience members cast their votes, and the lowest total went to Husky.

Panelists had speculated it could be any number of R&B stars based on the various clues presented during Husky’s time on the season.

However, Robin Thicke mentioned an aspect of the mystery celeb’s performance that helped him determine who was under the Husky mask.

Husky revealed as R&B star on The Masked Singer

Group B featured the return of Husky, a character several panelists believed was an R&B star.

Among the guesses were Jenny McCarthy speculating it was Brian McKnight and Robin guessing Ginuwine. Ken provided a different answer, going with DJ D-Wrek from Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out show.

For the show’s I Wanna Rock episode, the character took the stage to perform Bon Jovi’s Always and had the panelists and audience soaking up the lyrical goodness.

Unfortunately, Husky’s performance wasn’t enough to move the character onto the finals.

An audience vote determined that Sea Queen and Tiki would face off later in the Battle Royale, while Husky would not.

That meant Husky had to unmask, and when the mask came off, it was R&B singer Ginuwine, known for his hit song Pony.

In a post-episode interview with TV Insider, he revealed he decided to go on The Masked Singer to get out of his comfort zone.

“That was something that was new, and so after the pandemic hit back a couple years ago, I was just like, ‘Man, I gotta live a little instead of just staying in the house all the time, so try something different,'” he said.

Ginuwine also said he was pleased with them choosing the Husky as his specific costume for the competition show.

“Once they gave me the costume, it represents who I am — as a man, alpha male, knows what they want, going to get it, works hard — and it was just a nice costume and it was something that appealed to me right off the bat, so I was just happy they picked that one for me,” he said.

Ginuwine regrets one move during his performance

While the clue packages presented for Husky were helpful, Robin mentioned a carousel he thought referred to the hit single, Pony.

He also keyed in on a specific move he noticed the character doing while onstage. Robin mimicked the move and said he knew who it was because of that and his voice.

“I know that voice. I’ve heard your records. I’ve partied to your records. I still think this may be Ginuwine,” Robin said.

Following the airing of his Masked Singer elimination, the singer told TV Insider he regretted incorporating the recognizable dance move into his performance.

“Yeah, I figured Robin would pick me out quicker than anyone because I know him, number one, and with the move and all that, which I regret doing, I was like, ‘Man, I shouldn’t have done that,’” Ginuwine shared.

“I knew they would get it after that because when Nicole [Scherzinger] was saying [her] guesses, she was very close, so that was going into that mode of, of course, gotta be G. It was fun standing there listening to them because some of the guesses were fun,” he said.

Following his reveal, Ginuwine blessed the panelists and audience with a small performance of his hit song Pony to break out that trademark dance move again.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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