Jenny McCarthy sparks concern among fans as she’s spotted without her wedding ring

Jenny wasn’t wearing a wedding band during a recent night out. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Jenny McCarthy stirred up some gossip when she was spotted in public without a wedding band on her left ring finger.

Some eagle-eyed fans of The Masked Singer judge took notice of Jenny’s bare ring finger and began questioning her missing jewelry.

On Instagram, Jenny uploaded a photo from a recent date night with her hubby of nine years, NKOTB crooner and Blue Bloods actor Donnie Wahlberg.

Jenny and Donnie spent their Friday night at a Celtics game and posed for some courtside snaps during their night out.

In the first slide, Jenny and Donnie smiled for photographer Brian Babineau as they cozied up to each other, clad in their casual date-night attire.

The second slide was a candid shot of Jenny and Donnie intently watching the game. And, as some of Jenny’s 1.6 million Instagram followers noticed, the Formless Beauty founder wasn’t wearing a wedding ring on her left hand, which rested on her leg in the snap.

Of course, this sparked concern among her fans, many of whom flooded her comments section with questions and speculation.

Jenny McCarthy’s fans are scratching their heads because The Masked Singer judge isn’t wearing her wedding ring

“No wedding ring on though,” wrote a confused Instagram user.

“No ring. Blissful. Lol,” read another comment from one of Jenny’s followers.

Another asked, “And there are no wedding rings on why because ????????”

jenny mccarthy's instagram followers comment on her not wearing a wedding band
Jenny’s fans took notice that a wedding band was missing from her left ring finger. Pic credit: @jennymccarthy/Instagram

“Breaking News from TMZ,” began another commenter. “[Jenny McCarthy] isn’t wearing her wedding ring! (I can hear that now).”

Another of Jenny’s followers wrote, “Girl, you lucky these crazy fans didn’t notice you didn’t wear your wedding ring.”

Donnie Wahlberg chose a stunning, custom-made ring for his bride

Jenny’s ring is a stunner, too, featuring a 10-carat yellow sapphire in the center, symbolizing wisdom and prosperity, and is set in 18-karat white gold, encrusted with diamonds, and has a diamond halo.

Typically, Jenny wears her wedding ring for public appearances, whether attending a sporting event, walking the red carpet, or judging The Masked Singer.

So, why would the former Playboy Playmate not wear the stunning custom sparkler that symbolizes her and Donnie’s love for each other?

Married celebrities often stir up gossip when they’re spotted with a naked ring finger, but it doesn’t always mean there’s trouble in paradise.

Perhaps Jenny’s ring was at the jeweler getting cleaned and upgraded, maybe she forgot and left it at home, or it might be that she prefers to keep it in a safe spot during date nights.

Whatever the reason for the missing ring, the photos likely show that Jenny and Donnie are still going strong nearly a decade after becoming Mr. and Mrs. Wahlberg.

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