The Masked Singer Season 10: Anteater unmasked in surprising reveal as panelists are stunned

anteater face shot from the masked singer season 10 reveal episode
Anteater was unmasked on The Masked Singer Season 10’s Soundtrack to My Life Night. Pic credit: FOX

A double elimination arrived on The Masked Singer Season 10, with Group C competitors returning to the stage.

The latest installment featured a Soundtrack to My Life theme with Donut, Candelabra, and Anteater competing for a spot in the finals.

Only one mystery star could move on, and with that, Candelabra and Anteater were officially unmasked.

Two panelists knew Candelabra’s identity when the final guesses arrived early in the show.

However, Anteater’s unmasking seemingly shocked everyone, including all four panelists, as the celebrity’s identity was finally revealed.

It was a Rock ‘n’ Roll legend that panelist Ken Jeong said he was “starstruck” by seeing on the show’s stage.

Anteater performed a classic rock song he said inspired him

“Don’t underestimate a short king,” Anteater said in his pre-performance segment, noting that despite Cuddle Monster having “a few inches” on him, he came out on top “like David vs. Goliath.”

His song of choice was Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry due to growing up listening to him and collecting “all his 45s.” A record was shown with a red lipstick kiss in the middle, with Ken speculating it was someone from the group KISS. 

He mentioned that the Chuck Berry classic was one of the first songs he learned to play on his guitar, but right-handed, which “is not easy when you’re a leftie.”

Anteater said that early music still influenced him and couldn’t wait to show others that “real Rock ‘n’ Roll never dies.”

Each Group C competitor presented an additional clue that arrived after their performances — a specifically titled mixtape connected to a panelist. For Anteater, it was called Deep Thoughts.

He revealed he had the “greatest conversation when talking to Jenny,” with Jenny speculating she’d been one of the many celebs she’s interviewed.

Midway through the episode, audience votes were tallied, and unfortunately, Anteater received the fewest votes. Meanwhile, Donut and Candelabra moved on to the Battle Royale round.

Panelists are stunned by Anteater’s reveal as Rock & Roll legend

Ahead of Anteater’s official unmasking, the panelists made their final guesses. Nicole Scherzinger mentioned a cougar and melons in his previous clue package, so she speculated it was John Cougar Mellencamp.

Robin Thicke believed it was Jackson Browne under the mask. Ken went a different direction, guessing Billy Joel. Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg’s guess was guitarist Steven Van Zandt from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

As the reveal arrived, the panelists learned they were all way off with their guesses. Under the mask was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter John Oates, who is one half of the duo Hall and Oates.

The group had many top 10 songs and several that reached No. 1 on the US chart during their career, including Kiss On My List, Private Eyes, Out of Touch, and I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do).

Nick Cannon jokingly referenced one of Hall and Oates’ big hits, saying Oates went from “Maneater to Anteater” on The Masked Singer.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff in my career. This is one of the best things I’ve ever done, so thank you very much,” Oates said.

Jenny admitted she was “mad” she didn’t realize it was Oates under the mask and told him, “We did have a great conversation.”

“I feel so honored that you are on our show,” she added.

Oates said, “It’s been a blast,” and called it “so great to be in the costume and just sing whatever you want.”

“You are the soundtrack of my life. I just grew up on you, man, and I’m like starstruck right now,” Ken told Oates before the singer left the stage.

Oates was the second rock music star to be revealed on the show. He followed in the footsteps of former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach, who was revealed as Tiki during the Group B final.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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