The Masked Singer: Sebastian Bach releases first music in a decade amid Season 10 appearance

sebastian bach face shot after unmasking on the masked singer season 10
Former Skid Row star Sebastian Bach appears on The Masked Singer Season 10. Pic credit: Fox

Rock icon Sebastian Bach has unleashed his first music in 10 years just as he wowed panelists and viewers on The Masked Singer.

The former Skid Row frontman was recently unmasked during Season 10 and, fittingly, on a rock-themed night of performances.

Bach was revealed as the Tiki character, with panelist Nicole Scherzinger guessing correctly due to their connection.

Following his reveal, he performed one of his popular Skid Row songs from years ago.

As mentioned on the competition show, he took his noteworthy and recognizable voice on Broadway, as he hasn’t lost his love for singing and performance.

Now that he’s been unmasked on Fox’s competition show, he’s asking fans, “What Do I Got To Lose?” with his latest single and music video.

Sebastian Bach releases new song and music video

Taking to his Instagram several days after his reveal on The Masked Singer Season 10, Bach provided a preview of his new song, which he said has been waiting to get released for a while.

“I sat on this music for YEARS!!! Check out my new song at the link in my bio I promise there’s nothing to lose!” the IG post’s caption said.

The clip provides a snippet of the song’s hard rock chorus, while a still image on the IG post shows Bach wearing a dark vest and a t-shirt featuring his name in red letters. The singer is shown staring into a dressing room mirror with the sparkly lights flashing above him.

Bach, originally from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, rose to fame as the lead singer of Skid Row, which he remained part of from 1987 to 1996. The group became a commercial success thanks to the MTV days of music videos, with their songs, Youth Gone Wild and 18 to Life, among their hits.

According to Patch’s 2013 report, Bach was fired due to an argument with his bandmate over the group opening for KISS at a New Year’s Eve concert. Bach was in favor of the idea, while his bandmate was not. There’s also been an indication that Bach quit the group himself rather than being fired.

Ironically, Skid Row, without Bach, was an opening act for the KISS Farewell Tour in 2000.

Bach released his fifth solo album, Give ‘Em Hell, in 2014, featuring the lead single Temptation. Per Billboard, the album achieved No. 3 on the US Top Hard Rock Albums chart and No. 18 on the US Top Rock Albums chart. It reached a Billboard 200 peak position of 72.

In addition to releasing his catchy new rock song, the heavy metal and hard rock icon celebrated another aspect of music that many feel has become lost since MTV’s earlier days: music videos.

An accompanying What Do I Got To Lose? music video (below) arrived on YouTube featuring Bach in all his rockstar glory.

Bach unmasked on The Masked Singer Season 10

In the recent I Wanna Rock episode of The Masked Singer, Group B contestants Husky, Tiki, and Sea Queen were back to battle it out for a spot in the finals.

They each performed rock classics, with Bach fittingly getting to perform the KISS song, I Was Made For Loving You. After audience members voted, Husky received the least votes and was unmasked as R&B star Ginuwine.

Later, Tiki would go against the Sea Queen in the Battle Royale. After singer Brett Michaels rocked the stage with the Poison classic Nothing But a Good Time, the two costumed characters had to perform their renditions.

A panelists’ vote determined that Sea Queen gave the better performance, which meant Tiki was forced to unmask, revealing himself as the hard rock and heavy metal singer.

He spoke to the panelists after his unmasking, recalling how he partied with Robin Thicke’s dad, Alan Thicke, along with John Stamos and The Beach Boys back in the day.

He also mentioned being on the “bullet train” with Scherzinger’s Pussycat Dolls, as they were all part of a musical tour in Japan years ago.

Following the televised reveal, Bach indicated his love of performance and production, as well as seeing a few famous rock friends on The Masked Singer inspired him to try it.

“I love singing, and honestly I saw some really cool friends of mine on the show — namely Dee Snider and Bret Michaels,” Bach told Variety, adding, “I’ve always loved a big production. I just went to the very last Kiss show at Madison Square Garden. And I’ve always loved costumes and make-up and smoke and lights. ‘The Masked Singer’ is definitely a big production with a lot of staging.”

“Before I got on the show, I thought it was more about comedy and the costumes — which it is. But then when I did it, I found out it’s about the singing. I was very happy to be a part of it because I love to sing,” he said.

With his new song arriving in conjunction with The Masked Singer, Bach realized he had nothing to lose by competing for the win on the performance competition show, as it gave him another way to share his love of music.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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