The Masked Singer recap: Who will be the next reveal in Group B?

Masked Singer Mouse
Will the Mouse be the next to go home on the Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer was back tonight for another week of madness and mystique. Season three has increased the stakes with bigger stars, more shocking reveals, and controversial eliminations.

There is no room for error in a show that has sent both popular artists and legendary icons packing. Each week’s elimination has showed that voting may depend more on intrigue than the pipes behind the mask (we’re looking at you White Tiger).

Group B was back for their second week of playoffs, bringing out their A-game. Banana was up first, producing a spirited rendition of Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart. His presence was quite a-peeling, as judges and audience members donned oversized cowboy hats and excitedly clapped along to the melody.

More clues in Banana’s package pointed in a country direction, including cowboy boots and a “get ‘er done” one-liner. Ken, quite obviously, suggested side-splitting funnyman Larry the Cable Guy may be behind the peel. Jenny disagreed, noting that the Banana’s bod didn’t quite match the Blue Collar comedian.

The demure Mouse was up next, bringing out a few of her favorite things, including cheese (how apropos), wine, and needlepoint. The latter pointed to someone of an older generation, and when she came out singing This Will Be, the seasoned voice matched that theory.

Nicole and Robin both guessed Dionne Warwick, noting that the gold in her package was a nod to her hosting of Solid Gold. Though Jenny thought the mention of “friends” hinted toward another celebrity, theorists pointed out that one of Ms. Warwick’s biggest hits was That’s What Friends Are For.

Frog hops to the stage

For two weeks in a row, Frog has rapped his way to the top. This week, he brought a festive, Cuban vibe to 50 Cent’s In Da Club, never missing a word or dance move.

His clue package featured everything from typewriting to basketball. The judges’ panel believed short-statured celebs like Alfonso Roberto, Kevin Hart, and Omarion may be behind the mask. However, popular online theories suggest it could be Lil Bow Wow based on his Like Mike basketball movie and appearance as Brody Nelson on CSI: Cyber.

Taco’s newest performance was nothing short of spicy. Though his clue package had more tasty hints and inexplicable Toy Story references, one of the more titillating clues may be that of a subtle taco toupee.

When panelists proposed that Ted Danson may be in the shell, it didn’t seem that far-fetched, as he is a known wearer of the notorious man wig. Guest judge Gabriel Iglesias also drew a parallel to the clue of a whoopie cushion and Ted Danson’s ex Whoopi Goldberg.

The sultry feline, Kitty, showed a softer side this week, earnestly belting out Brett Young’s Mercy. Ken thought that hints of “modern” and “family” in her clue package led to Sarah Hyland, one of the stars of the popular ABC show. He also noted last week’s red rose clue as a hint toward Hyland’s Bachelor boyfriend, Wells Adams. Could Ken finally be right?

The votes are in

This week, another illustrious star was sent home when our favorite fairy Mouse lost the popular vote. The majority of the panel agreed, it must be soulful singer, Dionne Warwick.

And they were right! The five-time Grammy winner and R&B Hall of Fame champion was revealed to be behind the radiant Mouse mask. Though she was eliminated, Ms. Warwick kept smiling and kept shining, saying a little prayer for the panel and happily singing her encore tune.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX. 

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