The Masked Singer recap: Group C is back for a second week

The Masked Singer
Who sang their swan song tonight on The Masked Singer? Pic credit: FOX

The week never seems to go fast enough when fans are waiting to see who will be revealed next on FOX’s The Masked Singer. Last week, everyone was left speechless with the un-bear-able unmasking.

Group C was back for the second week, with the five remaining contests vying to advance to the next round. Tonight, everyone’s favorite guest panelist, Joel McHale, also joined the panel.

Astronaut landed on stage first, recapping last week’s heartfelt, potent performance. He alluded to clues of the “circle of life,” Orion’s belt, and sign language, leaving audience members’ heads spinning.

During the performance, he showed some pep in his step, sweetly singing Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” Based on his height and tonal qualities, the panelists believed Astronaut could be 80s star Corey Feldman or actor Joseph Gordon Levitt.

However, after commenting on an “organized crime family,” Ken named his Community castmate Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, who also portrayed Simba in the new version of The Lion King.

Conversely, online theorists went in a different Simba direction. Judging by his small-stature, clue of starting out as a bright, young star, and the circle of life, fans believe it could be 90s heartthrob, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Thomas also knows Stevie Wonder, as the famed sensation sang on the 1996 soundtrack for The Adventures of Pinocchio soundtrack — a film Thomas starred in.

Night Angel soars and T-Rex wrecks

Tonight, Night Angel showed a sweet side (and a touch of an accent) in her clue package. She talked about building an empire and following her destiny.

Sounding like Lady Gaga herself, she powerfully belted “A Million Reasons.” The emotional overtone in her voice brought both the crowd and panel to tears of joy.

Meanwhile, T-Rex’s eagerness exuded before, during, and after her performance as she practically cartwheeled to the stage.

Many hints in her clue package pointed to a younger contestant, including her fast-talking, “OMG,” and mention of Double Dare.

The enthusiastic singer excitedly rapped to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.” Her commitment to the quick lyrics was impressive, but it was her first-rate dance moves that really captured the crowd.

The panelists guessed everyone from athletes to game show hosts, but at-home viewers still believe it may be JoJo Siwa. With her own line of oversized bows and cute clothes, as well as her time on Lifetime’s Dance Moms, her face has been everywhere — just as T-Rex noted.

Swan and Rhino sound off

Swan dove into this evening’s performance with Joan Jett’s bada** rock anthem, “I Hate Myself for Loving You.”

She didn’t mind ruffling a few feathers with fierce feeling in her singing, and a fiery declaration of love for Ken.

Calling herself a “black swan,” she described transforming herself with magic and illusion, going from a “white snowbird” to the world of sunshine.

Guest panelist Joel guessed actress Mila Kunis, who co-starred in the film Black Swan. Jenny, however, thought it may be Bella Swan herself, Kristen Stewart, with her mention of “new moon” and last week’s biting hint of fangs.

Rhino gave a friendly last performance of the evening, melodically singing “Nice to Meet Ya.” He even incorporated a subtle strut into his singing, showing viewers another fun side to his tough exterior.

Based on his charisma and singing chops, Robin thought Rhino would be a shoe-in for the super nine (and boy are those large shoes to fill).

Jenny commented that he had the vibe of an athlete, but the voice of a country singer. Robin referenced the diamond ring of the clue package, drawing a parallel to championship ring, and sticking to his guess of a football player — Tim Tebow.

However, bloggers and social media judges believe Rhino could be former MLB pitcher, Barry Zito. Zito spent several seasons pitching for the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants before retiring and pursuing a career in country music.

Swan goes home

Unfortunately, for one singing hopeful, tonight would be her swan song. Swan was told to fly home after the audience vote.

The panelists weighed their options, with each naming a different actress as their final guess.

Ultimately, Swan was revealed to be entertainer Bella Thorne. The Duff actress co-starred with Ken in the past and wanted to do the show after he guessed her as Flamingo last season.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX

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