The Masked Singer finale will be the biggest in the show’s history

The Masked Singer final 3
The Masked Singer final 3. Pic credit: Fox

There are three performers left on The Masked Singer this season, and Fox plans on going all out on the finale.

After taking a week off from the competition to show its Road to the Finale special that it does every year, fans will finally see next week who unmasks as the final three and which of them wins it all.

Fans will also see what is referred to as the biggest finale in The Masked Singer history.

The Masked Singer has massive production for finale

TMZ has been releasing exclusives for The Masked Singer all season long, and this week, they revealed what they learned about the finale coming up next Wednesday.

According to the site, the finale was the biggest and longest day of filming in the show’s history.

Three singers are vying for the championship, and the show reportedly started production for the finale at 6 a.m. and didn’t wrap until 2:30 a.m., an eye-popping 20 hours and 30 minutes for the one-hour finale.

The site also reported that the crew “pulled out all the OT stops” and they plan to send the season out “with a bang.” This includes extra lighting, stage prep work, and pyrotechnics.

The singers are going all out as well

The Masked Singer pre-taped this season before airing the first episode. The final three singers include Prince, Firefly, and Ringmaster, and it sounds like they took this opportunity seriously too.

On top of the crew putting in so much work, the singers wanted to have extended rehearsal time with the choreography team and vocal coaches. It sounds like this is no joke to them, and these three are going all in to win.

There was also the fact that the production and crew had to add some “last-minute safety precautions” to the costumes. This season’s costumes have not all been safe, with one singer falling in theirs and the others needing some help getting out of theirs.

Firefly had problems as well. Her costume has a battery pack attached to her waste that lights it up, and she began to choke and couldn’t sing in her first attempt in the first episode. Luckily, she rebounded and finished strong.

As for the finale, our predictions for the identities of the singers are Cheyenne Jackson is Prince, Firefly is Teyana Taylor, and Ringmaster is Hayley Orrantia.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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