Who is Frog Prince on The Masked Singer heading into the finals?

Frog Prince on The Masked Singer
Frog Prince on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

The Masked Singer just had its third double-elimination of the season, and that means there are only three performers left.

The finale will see these three singers going head-to-head, with the winner taking home the big win for Season 7.

Already in the finals before this week’s episode was Firefly and Ringmaster.

Both of those were from Team Good, and while the panelists wanted to see one of the other groupings make the finals, it didn’t happen.

The third finalist was also from Team Good, with Prince making it to the finals, meaning the winner will be Team Good no matter who the fans vote for now.

Here is what we know about that third finalist, Prince.

Who is Prince on The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer this Wednesday saw three singers going to battle in a double elimination night.

The two eliminations were incredible singers in the real world, with Queen Cobra unmasking as En Vogue and Space Bunny unmasking as Shaggy.

For two heavyweights like that to go home early, it makes one wonder who could have knocked them off. Who was Prince, the only male singer still in the competition?

Prince came out and sang Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder and was revealed as safe for the night. He still returned for the group performance of Katy Perry’s Roar.

Before this, Prince sang Lay Me Down by Sam Smith and La Copa de la Vida by Ricky Martin.

As for the clues, the first week showed him wearing a blue and gold letterman jacket with No. 30 on the front. He also had a diamond ring. He said he is a “real royal,” and the number 2006 was shown.

After that first episode, we guessed Prince was Cheyenne Jackson, and we have not changed our tune.

The clues had the 80s (he was in Xanadu), Mars (he was in Life on Mars), diamond ring (he played Johnny Diamond on American Housewife), 2006 (he was in an Oscar-nominated movie in United 93 that year), “30” (he was on 30 Rock), and the Jamie Lee Curtis call (he will be in the movie Borderlands with her).

The Masked Singer Final 3

The final three on The Masked Singer are Prince, Firefly, and Ringmaster.

We predict that Prince is Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson.

As for Firefly, based on the past clues (Pharrell Williams, Tyler Perry, New York City, Apollo Theater), we believe that she is Teyana Taylor.

Finally, we believe, based on the clues (Miley Cyrus, driver’s license, Nashville, holiday elf doll), that Ringmaster is Hayley Orrantia from The Goldbergs.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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