The Masked Singer: Ashley Parker Angel says he avoided major injury during Season 10 performance

ashley parker angel face shot
Ashley Parker Angel unmasked on The Masked Singer’s Disco Night. Pic credit: Fox

According to The Masked Singer contestant Ashley Parker Angel, an injury nearly occurred during Season 10.

The O-Town band boy member was among the Group A mystery celebrities who returned for Disco Night.

They included Cow, Gazelle, and S’More, who all performed disco-related hits as they attempted to wow the panelists and audience members enough to move on.

Cow and Gazelle survived an early vote in the show, which meant S’More was eliminated.

In the marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker treat-themed costume was Angel.

The S’More had fun flirting with a few panelists and performing one of his favorite songs before his reveal.

And not long after his televised unmasking, he shared details about how he almost suffered a significant injury.

Angel shares details of near injury on Masked Singer

While there haven’t been any televised mishaps or injuries in The Masked Singer Season 10, one almost occurred during Group A’s initial performances.

O-Town boy band singer and actor Ashley Parker Angel shared with Deadline that he nearly had a bad fall in his S’More costume.

Angel said he was performing Niall Horan’s hit Slow Hands, a nod to his boy band past when he almost tumbled.

“I actually tripped going up the stairs. After the very first verse, I moved from being in the audience, and I go up the stairs, and I tripped. I caught myself, but it really could have gone the wrong way, because I could have tripped off the staircase,” he shared.

He called it “terrifying” on the stage because it’s difficult to see out of the mask while performing. Parker also said he wasn’t sure he’d have been able to get up by himself in the costume if he fell.

“So you can’t let your mind go there. The show must go on. I caught myself, and I just got right back in. So thankfully I caught myself and it didn’t actually fall on my S’More a**. That would have not been good,” Angel shared.

However, he said his background in staying fit gave him an advantage and that as he moved along with his performances, he learned how to move better with the costume.

Angel performed and got unmasked on Disco Night

The panelists and viewers were treated to several performances by Angel during The Masked Singer’s Disco Night. He first performed KCi and the Sunshine Band’s That’s the Way (I Like It) to get everyone moving and revealed he loved getting to perform his all-time favorite.

“I had a lot of practice singing that song in particular, and they did give me a lot of really cool choreography to do too. And like I said, by that point in time, I felt like I was really getting a feel for this S’More costume. I felt like that was maybe one of my best performances,” Angel told Deadline.

While there were plenty of fans enamored with S’More, he ultimately didn’t get enough votes to move on. Instead, Cow and Gazelle went to a Battle Royale, and S’More got unmasked.

It turned out that panelist Jenny McCarthy was correct with her guess from 2000s Night, and she looked shocked to have been on the money.

Other songs Angel performed during his time on the show included Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s and Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger.

After his Episode 10 reveal, Angel treated everyone to his boy band’s familiar hit, All or Nothing, to leave panelists and viewers swooning.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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