The Kardashians fans think Kim Kardashian shaded Kendall Jenner on American Horror Story

kim kardashian and half sister kendall jenner
Kim Kardashian seemingly fired a direct and humorous shot at half-sister Kendall Jenner on AHS. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Many fans of The Kardashians believe Kim Kardashian may have thrown some shade toward half-sister Kendall Jenner during a recent episode of American Horror Story.

Kim isn’t well-known for her acting skills but has previously poked fun at others via her reality TV shows, social media, and appearances on Saturday Night Live.

The 42-year-old appears in the popular horror series American Horror Story: Delicate, playing the role of Siobhan, a Hollywood publicist and best friend to the main character, Anna (Emma Roberts).

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During the October 6 episode, Siobhan has a scene where she visits Anna at a house she’s hiding at during a terrifying time of dealing with a stalker and ongoing fertility issues.

Siobhan suggests that Anna needs some real food and goes into the kitchen to prepare something for her friend, with a healthy salad on the menu.

In a scene many Kardashians fans noticed, Kim’s Siobhan character starts to chop up a cucumber with ease, seemingly shading Kim’s half-sister based on a previous viral moment.

Kendall had an infamous cucumber scene in The Kardashians

In May 2022, Kendall Jenner appeared in a scene in The Kardashians, which caught viewers’ attention. Kendall was at her mom, Kris Jenner’s home, for a visit and wanted a snack. Kris asked if she wanted the chef to prepare one, but Kendall said she could make one on her own.

As a health-conscious model and reality TV star, Kendall began preparing herself a healthy kitchen snack. It involved chopping a cucumber, although Kendall’s odd way of using a knife in the kitchen puzzled fans.

“It’s pretty easy,” Kendall told her mom, who seemed to approve of her daughter taking on the task initially.

However, as Kris began to watch Kendall’s awkward way of cutting the cucumber, she warned her to be careful since she’d “knicked herself the other day.”

“I know, I’m kind of scared,” Kendall admitted while handling the knife, adding, “I’m definitely not a good cutter. So don’t zoom in on me.”

Based on the video below, many viewers brought up this moment on social media last year, creating another humorous viral moment from The Kardashians.

Kendall Jenner Confuses Fans With How She Cuts Cucumber | E! News

Kardashians fans comment about Kim shading Kendall on AHS

Earlier this week, Kim’s character seemed to make light of Kendall’s cucumber-chopping skills, and a bit of dialogue from the show hammered things home.

“It’s orgasmic,” Roberts’ Anna said after tasting Siobhan’s salad.

“It’s the green goddess dressing that went viral on TikTok,” Kim as Siobhan replied.

Fans quickly knew what that scene and the dialogue were referring to and took to social media to call out the funny shade-throwing moment.

“LMFAO at Kim (Siobhan)chopping a cucumber in this episode, we know damn well that’s a nod to Kendall’s cucumbergate,” an individual on Twitter/X posted.

fan calls out kim k cucumber scene
Pic credit: @arualggx_/Twitter

Another took to Twitter to toss a salad pun into the mix, suggesting fans were trying to “romaine calm” over the AHS scene.

“Kim K really said ‘I can do EVERYTHING better than my sisters’ with this scene,” a TikTok user said, sharing the clip featuring Kim’s AHS character.


Kim K really said “I can do EVERYTHING better than my sisters” with this scene. #americanhorrorstory #ahs #kimkardashian #kendalljenner #cucumbercut

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Other Twitter users suggested the viral moment was “hilarious” in which Kim had some fun with Kendall’s awkward viral moment.

As of this writing, Kendall hasn’t reacted to Kim’s AHS scene or issued any responses. However, one has to think if she saw it, she also got a laugh out of how Kim had some fun with her culinary skills on the fictional horror series. It’s unknown if Kendall’s chopping technique has been upgraded, but luckily for her, the Kardashians and Jenners also have chefs to prepare things safely and correctly.

The Kardashians airs on Thursdays on Hulu.

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