The Golden Bachelor’s Kathy Swarts shades April Kirkwood amid ASKN fallout: ‘Natural selection takes over’

Kathy Swarts on The Golden Bachelor
Kathy Swarts had a shady response to a question about friendship fallout with April Kirkwood. Pic credit: ABC

Kathy Swarts was recently asked about the ASKN fallout after the former Golden Bachelor friends appeared together on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor.

It should surprise no one that Kathy’s response to a question about the friend breakup was just as shady as she was during her time on Gerry Turner’s season of the Bachelor Nation spin-off.

Last week, April Kirkwood, Susan Noles, Kathy Swarts, and Nancy Hulkower appeared on The Bachelor to judge the Mrs. Right pageant group date. Eight women showed off their special talents in the pageant to win Joey’s attention and affection.

Soon after, it became apparent that the “mean girls” of The Golden Bachelor may have turned on one of their own.

In January, three members of the former foursome went on a tropical getaway together. Initially, it was planned that all four would go.

Instead, April stayed back and shared a list of reasons she wasn’t on the trip. In it, she pointed a finger at her former friends for sending The Golden Bachelor fans to question her and asked them not to play into “their dark dealings.”

Kathy Swarts plays coy about ASKN friendship breakup with April Kirkwood

After appearing on The Bachelor for the Mrs. Right pageant, Kathy Swarts was a guest on the Almost Famous podcast hosted by Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti.

While she was there, Kathy was asked about ASKN, but this time, she was not telling – or at least she was trying not to.

“We were a group of fearless women who took this on, and the fact remains — we’re all women,” Kathy said about making friends on The Golden Bachelor. “As time goes on, you get to know people better and I think that’s just a natural part of life. I can honestly say, I am friends with everybody on the show.”

But it looks like she’s not really friends with everybody because Kathy has unfollowed April on Instagram, and likewise, April no longer follows her.

It doesn’t look like she wanted to explain why though, instead saying, “If there’s somebody particular that you’re asking me about, I just think that natural selection takes over.”

“Nancy, Susan and I just got back from St. Martin and had a great time,” Kathy gushed. “I might say we did not leave that island in one piece, but we had a great time.”

Kathy continued, seemingly throwing more shade April’s way, “I think, like any other season, when you have a bunch of women who are trying to date one man, things happen and people aren’t necessarily themselves. That’s life, it goes on.”

Leslie Fhima may have dodged more than one bullet

Perhaps April wasn’t a mean enough mean girl to make it with the ASKN crew, who I guess now are the SKN crew since she’s been expelled. But she can call up Leslie Fhima, who always seemed to be pretty nice.

Ever since taking back Costa Rica following her Golden Bachelor heartbreak, Leslie has been doing big things.

Most recently, she spent time in a luxury box at a Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game with 50 Cent.

Leslie shared several photos of herself and the In Da Club rapper enjoying the game and some family time with Leslie’s daughter, Daphne, and her grandson.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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