Gerry who? Leslie Fhima is hanging out with 50 Cent following The Golden Bachelor heartbreak

Leslie Fhima on The Golden Bachelor
Leslie Fhima is moving up in the world. Pic credit: ABC

It wasn’t long ago that Leslie Fhima got her heart broken on The Golden Bachelor.

She thought she was “the one” Gerry Turner would give his final rose and propose to, but he had a last-minute change of heart and chose Theresa Nist instead.

The Golden Bachelor viewers thought Leslie dodged a bullet after one of Gerry’s ex-girlfriends dropped a bombshell – right before finale night.

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And she may have because Leslie has been living it up lately.

She even returned to Costa Rica last month and reclaimed the country where she was dumped on reality TV.

Now, she’s rubbing elbows with celebrities and attending events that she likely wouldn’t have if not for The Golden Bachelor.

Leslie Fhima poses with 50 Cent

After returning from Costa Rica, Leslie Fhima got a chance to take in a Minnesota Timberwolves game this week, and she wasn’t there cheering on the home team by herself.

Leslie posed for photos with rapper 50 Cent, who was there enjoying the game with her.

From the photos, it looks like they were hanging out together in a box. Her daughter and her grandson were there too.

In the caption of the photo carousel, she wrote, “Had fun hanging with our friend @50cent at the @timberwolves game this weekend. My grandson Yossi however was not impressed.”

Leslie’s daughter Daphne also shared photos from the box, and it looked pretty swanky.

That sure beats the tour of New Jersey diners that Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist have been on lately.

The newlyweds have been hitting up and sharing their experiences at a handful of New Jersey eateries ever since Gerry drove to Theresa’s home state from Indiana with his dog.

They recently shared that they’ll be heading to Italy to enjoy their honeymoon in May and that they’ll likely settle down in New Jersey rather than South Carolina, as they had previously discussed.

The ASKN crew had a fallout

Leslie dodged another bullet when she didn’t get involved with the “mean girls” AKA the ASKN crew on The Golden Bachelor.

The group of senior women consisted of April Kirkwood, Susan Noles, Kathy Swarts, and Nancy Hulkower, who all bonded while staying together in the mansion and competing for Gerry Turner’s heart.

They also recently appeared on The Bachelor as they judged the Mrs. Right pageant.

But all is not well with the friend group, who may just call themselves SKN now because the A (as in April) no longer follows the other women, nor do they follow her.

She was supposed to be with them on a tropical vacation last month but backed out and now there seems to be bad blood.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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