The Bachelor viewers defend Lexi after she won the Mrs. Right pageant

Lexi and Joey on The Bachelor
Lexi won over Joey with her kissing abilities. Pic credit: Disney/John Fleenor

On the latest episode of The Bachelor, the group date consisted of a pageant where the girls put their best talents on display.

Some had been in pageants before and it showed, with rounds of gymnastics, singing, and even a trumpet player.

But others may not have been a part of the pageant world, so when it came time to show off their special talent, they had to get creative.

Lexi was clearly the most creative, telling the audience of Bachelor cast members and a panel of The Golden Bachelor alumni judges that her talent was kissing.

She claimed to be the “world’s best kisser.”

She then invited Joey up to sample a passionate, if not really aggressive, kiss that had everyone talking.

What made matters even worse, at least when it came to chatter among The Bachelor contestants, is that Lexi won the pageant by kissing, something they didn’t really see as pageant-worthy.

The Bachelor viewers defend Lexi and her special talent

The women who lost the Mrs. Right pageant weren’t impressed with Lexi’s kissing skills, but The Bachelor viewers certainly were.

After the complaining started, viewers took to social media to defend her and to let the complainers know they could zip it.

One Bachelor viewer took to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote, “Lexi did not ‘do less for a better reward’ she demonstrated advanced reality tv strategizing capabilities and was rewarded fairly.”

Another gave props to Lexi and called out the other women for not being more creative when they wrote, “The women are just salty that Lexi did what they were too scared to do!!!”

Yet another viewer took aim at the “haters,” writing, “These girls are some jealous, bitter heuxs lol. Like the whole point of this experience is to build a connection with Joey and Lexi did just that and got his f**king attention STAY MAD.”

The drama continues as The Bachelor heads to Malta

One thing we should already know from watching season after season of The Bachelor is that there will be drama between the women, and what happened to Lexi is nothing compared to the feud brewing between Sydney and Maria.

Sydney has been gunning for Maria to go home ever since she “overheard” Maria talking about Madina’s age.

It’s been a couple of weeks of back and forth between them now, and in Episode 3, Sydney accused Maria of bullying and verbally abusing her, though other women in the mansion said that it was blown out of proportion.

Next week, we’re getting a special two-night double episode – and it will have plenty of Sydney vs. Maria drama.

Again, Sydney will go to Joey to complain about Maria, which causes tension for Maria as Joey tries to figure out who the real villain is.

The Bachelor viewers have already sided with Maria and even suggested that Sydney should go home. We’ll have to wait and see what Joey decides to do about it.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC with a special episode airing on Tuesday, February 13.

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