The Golden Bachelor: Will Leslie Fhima be invited to Gerry Turner and Theresa Nists’s wedding?

Leslie Fhima on The Golden bachelor
The Golden Bachelor viewers want to know if Leslie Fhima will be at Gerry and Theresa’s wedding. Pic credit: ABC

Leslie Fhima knew she would get Gerry Turner’s final rose on The Golden Bachelor.

Then, he broke up with her on finale night and gave it to Theresa Nist instead.

It was the biggest upset of The Golden Bachelor’s premiere season after a string of upsets in the latter weeks.

They started with Ellen Goltzer getting sent home, then Faith Martin after Gerry told her he loved her.

The Golden Bachelor viewers weren’t pleased about any of that.

But when Leslie Fhima went home during a surprise sit down on finale night, viewers took to social media and ripped him apart.

Now that Gerry and Theresa are living their best lives on a publicity tour — both for themselves and The Golden Bachelor — they are getting questions about who will be at their wedding.

Will Gerry and Theresa invite Leslie to their Golden wedding?

Gerry Turner and Theresa NIst are getting married on live television on January 4.

As they continue to do interviews and answer questions about post-reality TV love, one that has come up is whether or not they’ll be inviting Leslie to their wedding.

After all, Theresa’s hairstylist already shared that Theresa and Leslie are still friends following the finale night upset.

On a recent Bachelor Happy Hour appearance, Theresa said she would “invite every single one” of the women she shared the mansion with on The Golden Bachelor.

When asked about Leslie specifically, Theresa said, “I would invite Leslie, I don’t know if she would come.”

Gerry agreed that he would be happy to have Leslie attend.

“I would be comfortable because I had such deep feelings for her and a lot of respect,” Gerry said. “And if she were comfortable being there, I would certainly be comfortable having her there.”

Gerry and Theresa open up about live TV wedding that ‘wasn’t always the plan’

Gerry and Theresa have been working hard to plan their wedding as fast as possible.

The Golden Bachelor star made it clear that they weren’t wasting any time — and at their ages, they have no time to waste as they want to spend as much of it married as they have left.

But getting married on TV “wasn’t always the plan” for the pair, who can’t wait to say their vows.

During a recent Producers Guild FYC panel in New York City, Theresa shared their reason for getting married on TV while Bachelor Nation watches.

“We had to think about it and it really wasn’t the original plan to do that, but when we really thought hard about it, we said, there are so many people who have been affected by this show,” Theresa explained.

She continued, “We wanted to bring them along with the culmination of it and bring them into it and really still try to make it this very intimate experience, but then bring them into this intimate experience. We don’t feel like we want to just drop all these people who are so affected by the show.”

The Golden Bachelor live wedding will air on Thursday, January 4 at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 months ago

Leslie don’t go to his wedding he is a liar and a gigillo!

2 months ago

Leslie is to good for this bulls**t

2 months ago

I wonder how much money they are making from airing the wedding! I imagine it was an offer they could not refuse!!! $$$$. How much ?

Nora Raum
Nora Raum
2 months ago

Theresa please get a prenup signed before your marriage. Protect yourself. Leslie is too much of a respectable lady to attend this wedding. Hollywood or not, she’s too above Gerry’s nonsense. Theresa, please listen to your heart and your feelings. Get prenup!!!

2 months ago

So happy for Gerry and Theresa. Life is too short to end up with the wrong person. Thanks for following your hearts.