The Family Chantel: River Everett shares old photos of him and sister Chantel Everett for her birthday

Chantel Everett and River Everett
Old photos of River and Chantel Everett were shared by River with The Family Chantel viewers. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel alum Chantel Everet celebrated her 31st birthday yesterday and her brother River used the opportunity to share throwback photos with his sister.

River used his Instagram story to post one collage of him and Chantel and to post a separate image from a different time period where he wished Chantel a happy birthday.

The Family Chantel viewers have watched Chantel and River for the last six years since Chantel was on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance with Pedro Jimeno.

The family was so popular on the OG show that their lives were also featured on Happily Ever After? and their fame rose to the point of getting their own spinoff in The Family Chantel.

River Everett shared throwback photos of Chantel Everett with The Family Chantel fans

River shared a total of five throwback photos with his sister Chantel that he was prompted to post in celebration of her birthday.

The first Instagram story post River made was a collage of photos of him and Chantel where they look much younger.

Chantel did not have as contoured of a look as 90 Day fans are used to seeing now and River had the sides of his head shaved with a fro on top. He added a caption to the photo that read, “Oh goshhh loook at us mannnn (laughing/crying emojis).”

The other story post River made showed Chantel smiling and River with big square sunglasses on a cropped haircut. Over that image, he wrote, “Happy Birthday @chantel_j_.”

River Everett's IG stories
River shared several old photos with his sister Chantel. Pic credit: @iamriverknight/Instagram

The Family Chantel viewers have been mad about proof that Season 3 drama was manufactured

A photo surfaced of Chantel, Pedro, and his sister, Nicole Jimeno, hanging out with his two half brothers dated in 2014, which is a complete contradiction to what their storyline was on Season 3 of The Family Chantel.

According to Pedro he had never met his half brothers and was in a painful search for his father who abandoned him and his sister so he could hold him accountable.

Viewers bought into the whole storyline and felt very bad for Pedro along the way only to be met with proof that it was all made up.

The picture of Pedro hanging out with his brothers was a slap in the face to The Family Chantel fans who believed the storyline.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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