The Family Chantel: Is Pedro’s sister Nicole trying to look like Chantel?

Chantel Everett and Nicole Jimeno
Nicole Jimeno did something that made her look like Chantel Everett. Pic credit: TLC

During Season 4 of The Family Chantel, Pedro Jimeno’s little sister Nicole Jimeno got called out for trying to look like Pedro’s now-estranged wife, Chantel Everett.

Nicole had a major glow-up from Season 3 to 4, including a hair and makeup overhaul that got her looking a lot like her enemy Chantel.

In the private interviews for Season 4, Nicole had her hair styled in sleek waves, just like Chantel has notably done for years. She also had her makeup done in the same polished and subtle smokey-eye way Chantel does hers.

When The Family Chantel viewers brought up Nicole’s changed looks that appeared similar to Chantel’s total style in Season 4, Nicole clapped back and resented the notion.

Now, it seems that Nicole has taken another page from Chantel’s book by getting box braids.

This style change has been highlighted by The Family Chantel viewers, who are once again slamming Nicole for trying to look like Chantel.

Nicole Jimeno got called out for copying Chantel Everett

A reality TV fan page on Instagram shared a side-by-side comparison of Chantel and Nicole, both with box braids parted down the middle.

Chantel got the hairstyle back in late August and has since changed her hair back to its usual straight look. Nicole debuted the braided look more recently, prompting The Family Chantel viewers to bring it up.

In both photos, the two women who have always been at odds had chunky braids that appeared sleek on the top and parted down the middle.

In the post’s caption, the fan account wrote, “#bishstolemylook Chantel and Nicole are rocking the same braids #chanteleverett and #nicolejimeno who wore it better? ?.”

90 Day Fiance fans weigh in on Nicole and Chantel comparison

A different reality TV fan page on Instagram reshared the side-by-side post of Chantel and Nicole and took the caption’s prompt a step further by asking, “Do you think Nicole is trying to be like Chantel?”

The poll had an overwhelming answer, with 82% of voters saying “Yes,” that Nicole was trying to look like Chantel.

Instagram Story about Chantel Everett and Nicole Jimeno
Pic credit: @rewatchreality/Instagram

During The Family Chantel, Nicole seemed to go out of her way to trash-talk Chantel, so her whole new vibe that has been called out as being similar to Chantel is notable.

In any case, now that Chantel and Pedro are headed for divorce, the drama of Season 4 between Chantel and Nicole may be the last that viewers will see since Chantel is now out of Pedro’s life.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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