The Family Chantel viewers have this criticism of Nicole Jimeno

Nicole Jimeno
The Family Chantel viewers are calling Nicole Jimeno out on her appearance. Pic credit: TLC

The premiere episode of Season 4 of The Family Chantel aired yesterday, and viewers noticed one thing in particular about Nicole Jimeno.

Nicole appeared different-looking than viewers have seen her in seasons past, and they think she is morphing into looking like her brother Pedro Jimeno’s wife, Chantel Everett.

The Family Chantel viewers remarked about the similarities between Nicole’s look this season and the way Chantel looks and has always looked.

Fans are also finding it interesting because Nicole has expressed her intense disdain for Chantel and anything related to her.

Nicole showed out this season in her private interviews with long wavy blown-out hair, polished makeup, and an outfit style all similar to Chantel.

Nicole Jimeno got called out by The Family Chantel viewers

The Family Chantel viewers took to Twitter to express the similarities they have seen in Nicole and Chantel this season as far as their looks.

One person remarked, “I’ll admit it… it took me until this season to realize it, but this WHOLE TIME it seems that Nicole has been trying to become Chantel and now her transition is complete.”

Another put side-by-side comparison photos of Chantel and Nicole and made the jab, “Thirsty a** Nicole is slowly transforming into Chantel 2.0.”

Someone else gave the opinion, “Nicole is so jealous of Chantel. She’s even wearing her hair and dressing like her in the talking heads now. Nicole seems to be obsessed with Chantel.”

Tweet about Nicole Jimeno
Pic credit: @vulnaviaj/Twitter

Nicole Jimeno will be running for Miss Dominican Republic on The Family Chantel

Nicole has major goals this season on The Family Chantel.

She has put her relationship drama with her on and off again boyfriend, Alejandro Padron, aside and is laser-focused on winning the title of Miss Dominican Republic.

While Nicole was chastised by her friend Coraima about not actually being broken up from Alejandro, Nicole insisted she could not take his lies anymore.

This season, Nicole will be practicing hard to win the title she wants but will ultimately have some distractions from Alejandro.

Nicole talked about feeling confident in her skin now that she got her breast enlargement surgery. Nicole also got her braces off last season.

The Family Chantel viewers will have to keep watching to find out if Nicole will come out victorious in her title run.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

what happened to
nicole’s eyes? they use to be ‘bug=eyed’ like her bald-headed stepbrother. i think she had her eyes done…

Betty Colon
Betty Colon
1 year ago
Reply to  fpgtsrgg

You’re right she did have those big eyes
She always was jealous of Chantelle always

1 year ago

chantel tryin to look like all other reality/social media bimbos fake nose fake hair fake boobs, fake everythang #plastickardashians

Betty Colon
Betty Colon
1 year ago
Reply to  Zara

Chantel Boobs are real !
The fake one is Nicole