The Curse of Oak Island season 8 preview: ‘The biggest series yet’ is on its way

Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina return to Oak Island
Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina return for the 8th season of The Curse of Oak Island next month. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island is set to return for Season 8 next month, and the guys are promising that it’s going to be the biggest series yet.

The Fellowship of the Dig is returning on November 10, and Marty and Rick Lagina, and their team, are more determined than ever to solve the 225-year mystery of Oak Island.

It seems that not even a global pandemic could slow them down as the guys have, once again, taken advantage of this year’s summer weather to go digging for treasure on the Canadian island.

The season preview has promised us that they will be searching in brand new areas and with brand new technologies. They will also be bringing in the best minds to come up with more and more inspired and crazy theories as to what happened on the island centuries ago.

It’s all bigger and better on season 8 of Oak Island

We can also expect to see more sophisticated sonic drilling and teams of divers with the most up-to-date tech equipment and quite possibly the biggest excavation there has ever been.

And most importantly, bigger and better Bobby Dazzlers. That’s right, everybody’s favorite metal detectorist and one of the real characters of the show, Gary Drayton, will be returning with his trademark enthusiasm and skill for weeding out old treasures.

They’ve also given him a bigger and better metal detector, which as well as picking up more Bobby Dazzlers, should also be able to “identify potential tunnels many meters below the surface!”

Keep your fingers crossed that he keeps us entertained throughout the season by unearthing plenty of treasures, so Monsters and Critics can bring you ‘Gary Drayton’s Find of the Week’ in our weekly recaps.

The Curse of Oak Island swamp will feature big!

Last season, the guys really began to focus on the swamp, which even led to a gargantuan effort to try to drain the marshy land. They keep coming up with evidence that the swamp was artificially created up to 800 years ago, perhaps to hide something of groundbreaking importance.

They have also encountered evidence of a ship, perhaps a Spanish galleon, buried underneath. And they also found a raised platform under the boggy gloopy water, which has yet to be fully uncovered.

According to History, this season will see the swamp will become the “focus of a major excavation to uncover a newly found structure and more importantly, to get to the bottom of why this bog was artificially modified or created as much as 800 years ago.”

And of course, we can expect the guys to continue going after the big prize, the fabled Money Pit located within the Chappell Vault. At the end of last season, Vanessa Lucido, the CEO of ROC Drilling Equipment, made one last mega effort to dig out the Pit, but it sadly ended in disappointment.

But after seven seasons, one thing we’ve learned is that the Fellowship of the Dig does not know how to quit. They simply get bigger and better drills.

And even if they don’t find anything that changes the course of history, well, that’s ok, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Curse of Oak Island will air Tuesday, November 10, at 9/8c on History.

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