The Challenge’s Trishelle Cannatella says she would never act like Traitors 2 castmate did at reunion

trishelle cannatella face shot from the traitors 2 reunion on peacock
Trishelle Cannatella reacted to her Traitors 2 castmate’s reunion behavior in an interview. Pic credit: Peacock

At The Traitors 2 reunion special, The Challenge stars Trishelle Cannatella and Chris “CT” Tamburello faced the wrath of their frustrated castmate due to what went down in the reality competition show.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Trishelle and CT got blasted by Traitors 2 viewers following their shocking decision to vote Mercedes “MJ” Javid out at the end.

While MJ was a Faithful, just like them, it meant she wouldn’t get any of the over $200,000 in prize money. Instead, The Challengers split the prize money as the show’s two winners.

After she was voted out, MJ expressed her disappointment at what her castmates did in a confessional interview during the final episode.

Her outrage over the situation carried into The Traitors 2 reunion special, where she further berated the winners for the outcome.

CT and Trishelle reacted to MJ’s behavior in a recent interview, explaining they came from a different reality competition game where things sometimes get a bit brutal.

Trishelle comments on her Traitors 2 castmate’s behavior after losing the show

When Parade’s Mike Bloom asked Trishelle about how she and CT played The Traitors 2 at the end, Trishelle explained that the show’s tagline includes “betrayal, deceit,” so she didn’t understand “why anyone would expect anything less.”

“And so for me, I didn’t understand why MJ was mad at me. I didn’t I tried to take her with me. I voted out my best friend in the game CT! Because I was like, ‘I know MJ is a Faithful.’ I just 100% knew it,” Trishelle said.

CT and Trishelle agreed that their background from appearing on MTV’s The Challenge prepared them for how things happen in reality competition shows.

Trishelle said it was initially tough to understand why MJ was so mad, but thinking about it now and comparing it to her earlier seasons of The Challenge helped her process it.

“I’m thinking back on my first challenges, whenever people tell you face to face, ‘I don’t want you here. I’m voting you out.’ It feels terrible,” the former Real World: Las Vegas cast member said.

“So this is her first stint with competition reality. Hopefully, we see her again. I understand why she’s upset and why it’s shocking to her. But for me and him, it’s not,” Trishelle said in the Parade interview.

Trishelle said she wouldn’t have acted like MJ did at the reunion if she lost Traitors 2

As mentioned, MJ kept up with her attacks toward CT and Trishelle during The Traitors 2 reunion special. She referred to CT as a “chump” and then called him and Trishelle “the greedy people” for making it “a different game” after getting rid of all Traitors.

CT and Trishelle also admitted that if either of them lost, they would’ve been upset but would have been different about it at the reunion. That’s likely due to their history on The Challenge, where betrayal happens often.

“I would have been upset. But I would have never acted the way MJ did at the reunion. Ever,” Trishelle said.

CT added, “I don’t think you need malicious attacks.”

In addition, Trishelle reiterated that she wasn’t mean to anyone on the cast with personal attacks, indicating that all she did during The Traitors 2 “was strictly strategic and gameplay.”

This marks Trishelle’s first victory in a reality competition series, as she was unsuccessful in winning The Challenge. However, she navigated the game due to her experience, ultimately splitting the money from Traitors 2 with her former MTV castmate, amongst the greats in Challenge history.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+. The Traitors 2 episodes are available for streaming on Peacock.

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