The Challenge’s Jay Starrett blasted by fans for trying to ‘gaslight’ and ‘lie’ about kissing castmate

jay starrett from the challenge 39 reunion part 2
Jay Starrett at The Challenge Season 39 reunion. Pic credit: MTV

The second part of The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion reunion featured cast members claiming Jay Starrett was unfaithful to his girlfriend during a moment not captured on film.

During the special, there was a segment about various cast members’ showmances and hookups, including the ones fans saw.

Those included Horacio Gutierrez and Nurys Mateo, Kyland Young and Melissa Reeves, and James Lock with Moriah Jadea.

However, a few other potential hookups or makeout scenes didn’t make Season 39’s final footage and got attention at the reunion.

One clip featured Emanuel Neagu heading to the shower to join castmate Berna Canbeldek.

While some cast members were surprised, another big revelation arrived. Several cast members claimed Jay was kissing a castmate despite having a girlfriend back home.

Jay denied claims he kissed Season 39 castmate

According to cast members, including Nurys, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, and Moriah, their castmates Jay and Olivia Kaiser kissed during one of the cast’s bus rides.

The cast usually has a van or bus that brings them to daily challenges or other events. In the past, MTV’s The Challenge included fights and hookups during the cast’s bus or van rides, but that sort of footage hasn’t been shown in recent seasons.

While Nurys stood by her claims at the reunion, Jay attempted to silence her and other cast members as they discussed the topic.

“People like to hide things and do things when the cameras aren’t then they think because it’s not gonna be shown on TV, they’re gonna skate by and be OK,” Nurys said.

“No, no,” Jay said several times as she spoke about it.

Jay told his castmates, “You guys don’t know s*** about my relationship first of all, and second of all, anything that I’ve ever done disloyal or anything, I would tell her, and I’d man up about it.”

“Michele knows. I dated her in the past. I’m loyal as f***. I tell the truth,” he said as Michele Fitzgerald nodded.

Big T mentioned she was “literally sitting across” from Jay and Olivia to witness them “suck facing” on the bus ride.

“I don’t believe anything you say, Big T,” Jay said.

Host Maria Menounos asked Olivia her thoughts about it, and she said it was “such an unfortunate situation.”

“I didn’t want to say anything. The only person who knew verbatim was Nurys because I wasn’t going around saying anything. Also, drinking was involved. As much as I want to protect someone, it’s a little unfair for me because people saw it with their own eyes,” Olivia said.

Nurys yelled at Jay, asking how he could be “sitting there lying” as he denied kissing Olivia again.

“Don’t gaslight now,” Nurys told her castmate.

Fans call out Jay for trying to ‘gaslight’ and ‘lie’

A Challenge superfan, @jaychallenge1, shared the Instagram video clip of the scene from the Season 39 reunion, which brought feedback from fans as they blasted Jay.

“His face says it all,” one commenter wrote, adding, “he’s trash for doing them like that.”

“I can’t believe someone would blatantly lie on national television when multiple sources and the culprit said he kissed Olivia,” another commenter wrote and called Jay “mad unhinged.”

screenshot from instagram as challenge fans call out jay starrett from season 39 reunion
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

Another commenter called Jay “a classic narcissist” since he “can’t own up to any of his s***” and was “resorting to gaslighting.”

“Why not just admit it liar JAY??? You already look guilty & there were witnesses plus Olivia admitted to it,” a commenter wrote.

“I’m glad he got exposed for the fraud he is,” another Challenge fan commented.

screenshot as challenge fans call out jay starrett for reunion scene
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

Jay already seemed to irritate many Challenge fans and viewers due to how he played Season 39, including his and Michele’s large alliance, which seemed to include a large portion of the cast.

Things became ugly when he repeatedly targeted Nurys’ boyfriend, Horacio, and friend, Kyland. Since Jay and Michele’s large alliance did not protect Nurys just before the Season 39 final, she ended up in back-to-back eliminations, which she won.

One of those eliminations featured Nurys sending home Olivia, who also seemed to irritate many fans due to how she acted and voted against Nurys and Horacio late in the season.

While Jay reached the final, fans watched him lose in one of the two eliminations, as castmate Corey Lay defeated him to send him home. Meanwhile, Nurys finished second behind the new Challenge champion, Emanuel.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10, on Paramount+.

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