The Challenge’s Trishelle Cannatella says former castmate is great for The Traitors and ‘deserves to be on TV’

trishelle cannatella face shot from the challenge all stars season 1
Trishelle Cannatella appeared on The Challenge: All Stars ahead of winning The Traitors 2. Pic credit: MTV

Trishelle Cannatella is fresh off a major reality TV competition win, following up her lack of wins on The Challenge with a victory on The Traitors 2.

She and fellow MTV star Chris “CT” Tamburello closed out the show’s second season with the shared win after voting out castmate Mercedes “MJ” Javid at the firepit.

That earned them a prize total of over $200,000 and bragging rights for The Challenge as one of the top reality competition programs on TV.

Viewers haven’t seen competitors from The Challenge cross into other reality TV worlds, but Johnny Bananas seemed to open the door when he went on the debut of E!’s new show House of Villains.

He followed it up by appearing on The Traitors 2 with Trishelle and CT but had an early exit from the game.

Since her win, Trishelle has appeared on various podcasts and interviews, including Challenge Mania, where she spoke about her exciting season.

A fan asked which of her castmates would be great for a future season of The Traitors, and Trishelle had some intriguing choices.

Trishelle shares which castmates she thinks she could do well on The Traitors

Challenge Mania’s Scott Yager presented Trishelle with the fan question, adding that it could be anyone she knows from the MTV world who she felt might do well on The Traitors.

She immediately gave the names of two individuals she appeared with on MTV’s The Challenge and the debut All Stars season.

“I think Aneesa [Ferreira] because she’s really hilarious,” Trishelle said as her first choice.

Another pick was Beth Stolarczyk, who Trishelle said would be “awesome because she is a villain, and she has this crazy villainous laugh that would be so good in the castle.”

“She just has no problem being a villain, which is great,” Trishelle shared.

She mentioned former castmate Coral Smith as another choice for The Traitors, saying, “She’s always good television.”

Trishelle and Scott then discussed how Coral hadn’t done any shows since her MTV days, and Trishelle suggested that they probably hadn’t offered her enough money to return to reality TV.

“She’s an amazing personality, so she deserves to be on TV,” Trishelle said.

Coral has been ‘off the grid’ since reality TV

Not everyone loves social media, which could be the case for Coral.

During their chat, Scott mentioned how other individuals like Alton Williams kept a low profile after their reality TV heyday. However, Scott said Alton had since come out of the woodwork for Challenge Mania events and to appear on All Stars.

Coral has a Twitter page and an Instagram page. As of this report, there are only six posts on that IG. The last update shared is a birthday celebration post from January 2018.

That was less than ten years after her last MTV Challenge appearance for The Gauntlet III season. Coral quit that season because she felt like an outcast on her team and because her friend and ally Evan Starkman abandoned her.

The former Real World: Back to New York star appeared in five other seasons of The Challenge, winning during Battle of the Seasons 2002. She also reached the final on The Gauntlet, The Inferno, and Battle of the Sexes 2.

One has to think that Coral was among the individuals who were getting called for shows like All Stars or even what might be an epic Season 40 of The Challenge. As her former castmate mentioned, it just might not make financial sense for her to return to reality TV.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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