The Challenge’s Theo Campbell and Danny McCray reveal World Championship final had major edits

the challenge world championship finalist theo campbell
Theo Campbell revealed a bunch of the World Championship final was left out due to the way it was edited. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: World Championship final recently concluded as four teams battled it out in South Africa to claim the trophy and $500,000 in prize money.

The final arrived in Episode 12 of the spinoff season on Paramount Plus and involved competitors boarding the Fear Express train to get to a course involving long stretches of terrain in a loop.

They were in a footrace to trek across the rough terrain and reach various stations set up at a checkpoint, which tested mental and physical abilities.

When all was said and done, it was three-time Challenge champ Jordan Wiseley and The Challenge: UK winner Kaz Crossley finishing ahead of the competition.

That competition included several formidable teams, including Kaycee Clark with Troy Cullen, Sarah Lacina with Theo Campbell, and Danny McCray with Tori Deal.

Following the presentation of the final, Theo and Danny both said that the final shown to viewers didn’t include as much as it actually did for those competing in it in South Africa.

Theo Campbell comments about his injury and the difficulty of the World Championship final

During the World Championship final, Theo and Sarah seemed like a team to beat. Sarah won on Survivor and The Challenge: USA, while Theo had experience from finishing runner-up in The Challenge: War of the Worlds final.

However, an unfortunate injury hit them, as it often does to teams running in the final. Theo said he suffered an ankle or foot injury when he stepped in a hole along the trail.

That caused him plenty of pain as he tried to continue with Sarah and ultimately had to sit down before tearfully deciding to give up. An ambulance arrived, and they were disqualified due to Theo’s injury.

Theo took to Twitter after watching the episode back and explained he felt it “wasn’t far off” from War of the Worlds in terms of its difficulty. However, he said the edit took a lot of footage out too.

“We done a whole 6-7 miles in a different section that didn’t get shown which was sick!” he tweeted, adding, “I actually broke my foot 10 miles in not 3 and carried on for 7 miles.”

Theo also congratulated Kaz and Jordan on the win with a pair of clapping hands emojis for them. He shared a couple of photos, one showing his two feet side by side and another showing himself with Sarah, Danny, and Tori near a waterfall.

Theo and Sarah ended up finishing fourth overall, despite winning the last daily challenge of the season and avoiding eliminations throughout the season. However, injuries have cost other competitors in recent finals, including Aneesa Ferreira on Ride or Dies and Kaycee on Double Agents.

Danny said World Championship final ‘editing job was crazy’

The runner-up team in the final was Tori and Danny, who seemed right on Jordan and Kaz’s heels at one point as they had to wait for them to finish the Sick Smoothie station.

Danny reiterated what Theo said about the editing, indicating that nearly a third of the final wasn’t shown in the episode. He congratulated the winners, also saying he “can’t wait to fill in the blanks.”

“That editing job was crazy… probably about 30 percent of the final didn’t get shown..but .. I enjoyed the season and can’t wait to fill in the blanks.. congrats to Jordan and Kaz on a great run!!” Danny tweeted.

danny mccray tweet about the world championship final
Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

Based on another tweet from Scott Yager for the Challenge Mania Podcast, Danny likely filled in some of the blanks during his appearance on their recent episode.

The former winner of The Challenge: USA made it a point throughout the season that his objective was to eliminate his top competition ahead of the final, which included Jordan and Kaycee. They both reached the final thanks to Tori’s insistence to Danny that they were her friends and top allies she needed to protect.

As some fans probably realize now, Danny may have been right all along, as the three-time Challenge winner Jordan reached the final and won alongside his capable partner, Kaz!

The Challenge: World Championship episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

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