The Challenge’s Jordan Wiseley reveals he’s taking break from the show: ‘I’ll let someone else have fun’

jordan wiseley in the challenge ride or dies
Jordan Wiseley is stepping away from The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

Jordan Wiseley is ready to take some time away from The Challenge again following his recent appearance in The Challenge: World Championship.

He stepped onto the show again for last year’s All Stars 3, then returned for Ride or Dies, where he reached the final but finished in third place with teammate Aneesa Ferreira.

However, things went differently for him and his partner Kaz Krossley in the World Championship final.

As many fans know by now, he and Kaz were able to dominate the checkpoints and outrace their competition to claim the trophy and their share of $500,000.

They also hold the title of Challenge World Champions, a first-time accomplishment for Jordan in his already storied career with the franchise.

Some might think Jordan wants to keep going with more wins, but the three-time MTV Challenge champion has a new adventure to focus on and seems excited about what it could bring.

Jordan says he’s stepping away from The Challenge

The Challenge: World Championship was Jordan’s third appearance on a Challenge-related show over the past two years, following a hiatus of three years. Following the back-to-back-to-back filming and competition, he recently revealed it’s time for a break.

Monsters and Critics reported about Jordan’s professional race car driver debut in IMSA at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca last weekend. He’ll now focus on this new career to see where it takes him.

“It’s been a whirlwind, but I definitely [think] I’m going to explore that for a bit. I’ll let someone else have some fun on The Challenge,” he told E! News following the World Championship finale.

He joined Hyundai as a driver after attending an event as an ambassador for the brand. During that event, Jordan recorded a faster lap time than their professional driver. That set things in motion as he entered his first race three months later.

According to E! News, Jordan will continue driving for Hyundai for the rest of the race season, so he’s not available to film for The Challenge Season 39, which is currently casting its competitors.

Jordan wants to assemble his ‘Avengers’ of The Challenge

The Challenge: World Championship final involved competitors racing on foot and biking through rough terrain in South Africa to complete various checkpoints involving puzzles, physical feats, and of course, downing some sort of disgusting food.

For this final, it was the “Sick Smoothie” station, which Jordan called “unrelenting.”

“It was never smooth, it was always up, always down, slippery,” he said of the awful drink.

That led to Jordan nearly experiencing his first “cramp” during the final, something he hadn’t had during his career on the show.

“It was honestly the first final where I can remember I almost started to feel a cramp,” he said. “I was like, ‘You better knock it off!’ I had never been to that point before.”

However, he endured and encouraged his teammate Kaz to keep going, resulting in the duo crossing the finish line to claim the trophy. With that big win added to three other Challenge wins, some might ride off into retirement.

While Jordan confirmed his break from The Challenge, this isn’t a retirement for the 33-year-old World Champion. He joked about assembling his “Avengers” version of the competition series for a future season.

“What if we had a final with all of the greats: me and CT [Tamburello] and Johnny Bananas and Wes [Bergmann]?” Jordan asked, per E! News. “And then throw the leader of the rookies at the time, like Horacio Gutierrez or someone like that, and just see. Let’s do a real one!”

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