The Challenge’s Paulie Calafiore shares throwback photo praising castmate Kam Williams

paulie calafiore on the challenge war of the worlds 2
Paulie Calafiore during The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 confessional interview. Pic credit: MTV

Paulie Calafiore of The Challenge recently gave praise to his castmate from the show, Kam Williams, as he shared a photo with fans and talked about making sure to have positive people around you.

He and Kam have been seen as allies on reality television in the past. It seems they may be even bigger allies in real life when it comes to friendship and business ventures.

In a recent social media post, he shared a message for fans about finding good people to have in your life who can support you in your goals as it can lead to future success.

Paulie Calafiore shares IG post with castmate, speaking of support system

On Tuesday, July 6, Paulie Calafiore shared a throwback image to his Instagram Story showing him and castmate Kam Williams. The two previously were part of a major alliance on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2.

However, Paulie, Kam, Cara Maria Sorbello, and Leroy Garrett appear to be pretty good friends off the show.

Paulie shared an image of himself hugging Kam, a pic that came from a year ago. In his text on the image, he said at that time, they’d discussed goals they wanted to achieve and “all the visions they had” for their lives.

“Fast forward 1 year later and DAMN. I don’t need to get into crazy detail but I’ll say this. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and speak your dreams into existence with them. 1 year seems like a long time, but it can either set you up or move you back. The choice is yours!” Paulie said.

Kam took notice of Paulie’s IG Story slide and also shared it on her own Story on Wednesday (below).

paulie calafiore shares photo with castmate kam williams
Pic credit: @iamkamiam_/Instagram Story

In the War of the Worlds 2 season, Paulie, Cara, and Kam were part of a major alliance for Team USA. Their group also featured Kam’s boyfriend, Leroy Garrett, along with other castmates such as Zach Nichols and Ashley Mitchell.

Their strategy worked well, as the group of players successfully got rid of Johnny Bananas in a major power move that Paulie and Cara made, blindsiding the multiple-time winner.

The alliance for Team USA made it to the final but unfortunately failed to win, as Team UK featured former winners CT Tamburello and Jordan Wiseley, who had defected from the US due to Paulie and Cara’s moves.

Nonetheless, Paulie, Cara, Kam, and Leroy all hung out in Texas several months ago for a Memorial Day holiday weekend and seemed to enjoy their time together.

So it’s clear, they’re all still a close group of friends and possibly discuss business ventures quite a bit.

Will Kam, Leroy, Paulie, and/or Cara be on The Challenge Season 37?

The Challenge Season 37 recently wrapped up filming in Croatia, with a large group of cast members featuring returning veteran competitors and rookies.

That included quite a few cast members returning from Double Agents, with several of the finalists from that season set to appear in the upcoming episodes.

Based on the spoiler reports online, Kam Williams was not part of that cast. She’s likely taking a break alongside boyfriend Leroy Garrett, who announced his retirement from The Challenge for the Double Agents season.

Kam appeared in the final along with Leroy. Both teams finished, with Kam and her partner Cory Wharton coming in second place and banking $100,000.

Meanwhile, Paulie Calafiore continues to maintain that he plans to return to The Challenge at some point. For now, he’s been preparing to be part of the Winter Olympics set for 2022 in Beijing.

Meanwhile, Cara Maria seems to be stumped as to why she isn’t receiving calls to return to the show and has even asked fans recently which other TV shows she should appear on.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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