The Challenge’s Olivia Kaiser fires back at Season 39 rumor starter and says she ‘can’t wait for reunion’

olivia kaiser face shot from a confessional interview in the challenge season 39 episode 12 on mtv
Olivia Kaiser during The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion. Pic credit: MTV

During Episode 12 of The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion, Nurys Mateo had a video call to family members who dropped a bombshell on her. According to them, her castmate Olivia Kaiser wasn’t the friend Nurys thought she was.

“Olivia was talkin’ mad s*** sayin’ that Nurys is broke, and she’s gonna use [Horacio Guttierez] just for the game,” a male voice told Nurys during her video call.

“Having Olivia being my No. 1, my best friend…It feels s****y that she possibly is playing me. It’s just mind-blowing and shocking…And now I’m unsure about my friendship with her,” Nurys said in a confessional interview.

Tensions spilled over to the daily challenge later in the episode as Nurys and Olivia were on the same four-person team.

After they lost in their heat, Nurys called out teammate Corey Lay for his strategy, which caused Olivia to interject. The two bickered, with Olivia telling Nurys to “chill out” after she snapped at her.

Following the episode’s airing, Olivia addressed the matter, indicating she knows who started the rumor and is ready for the Season 39 reunion.

Olivia comments about Season 39 rumor starter

Olivia went on her Instagram Live several days ago to speak about what came up during the recent Challenge episode. A fan account claims that Olivia said during her lengthy rant that she had a good idea who was behind the rumor about her.

“I know exactly who started this rumor/lie. Best believe I’m not letting it fly,” the fan account claimed Olivia said in a “post” online.

Olivia also went on Twitter to post a brief message, indicating she was ready to speak her truth once the Battle For a New Champion cast reunites.

“I literally can’t WAIT for the reunion…I’ll finally be able to speak on everything I’v been feeling and MY truth,” Olivia said.

screenshot of olivia kaiser tweet indicating she is ready to speak her truth at season 39 reunion for the challenge
Olivia responds online. Pic credit: @oliviakaiserxo/Twitter

As of this report, there’s yet to be any online chatter regarding when the reunion will occur or which cast members will attend. However, a few have said they are anticipating the event, including Melissa Reeves, who also has a few things to say.

Olivia started a new podcast to speak on many topics

Olivia may have some opportunities to speak more about what is said about her in The Challenge episodes, as she recently started a new podcast, Gimme That Mic.

She co-hosts the podcast with her younger sister, Katie Kaiser. They indicated they would discuss various topics, including relationships, drama, and more.

Following the new Challenge episode on MTV, the podcast’s premiere episode arrived on multiple platforms, including Spotify and YouTube (below).

At one point in the podcast, Olivia’s sister mentioned possibly talking about the episode, but Olivia seemed against that, indicating she’d spoken at length on her Instagram Live. She said she had a lengthy rant about it all and felt better after a night of sleep.

“Yeah, I went live last night. The episode did air, and I think that I’ve been letting everyone else have their side of the story [and] tell their truths, and I was finally tired of just staying quiet, so I decided not to. And what turned into me answering a couple of questions turned into an hour rampage rant,” Olivia said.

The full extent of the rumors about Olivia has yet to unfold. Some have speculated that Olivia’s rumored issues with Nurys were caused by Olivia losing her friend Horacio to Nurys for their Season 39 showmance.

Nurys hasn’t held back in blasting Olivia online, nor has their castmate Moriah Jadea, as the various episodes air, and they hear one another’s comments.

If and when the Battle For a New Champion reunion films, some tea will likely be spilled about the rumor starter and the fractured friendship involving Nurys and Olivia.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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