The Challenge’s Moriah Jadea says Olivia Kaiser was secretly trying to get castmate eliminated from Season 39

moriah jadea face shot from the challenge season 39 episode 10 on mtv
The Challenge’s Moriah Jadea spilled details about Olivia Kaiser secretly plotting to get her friend eliminated. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion recently hit the season’s midpoint, and some tea is starting to get spilled.

More specifically, several Season 39 castmates are sharing behind-the-scenes gossip and details about Olivia Kaiser.

Monsters and Critics previously reported that Nurys Mateo called out Olivia for an early season hookup and for being “fake” around castmates.

Previously, their castmate Moriah Jadea blasted Olivia online for “slick” things she said and did.

Moriah recently appeared on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast to share some new details about the situation with Olivia.

That included dropping the bombshell that Olivia was secretly plotting to get one of her best friends eliminated from the game.

Moriah reveals Olivia’s effort to get Season 39 castmate out

The Challenge Season 39 features all non-champions, and many cast members appeared in the previous MTV season, Ride or Dies.

Olivia and Horacio Gutierrez are among the returning competitors and likely fan favorites to win the season. They previously appeared as teammates in Season 38, with Olivia bringing Horacio as her good friend and the rookie duo reaching the final.

However, their friendship may have been tested during Season 39, based on what’s been shown in The Challenge’s midseason trailer and Moriah’s recent podcast comments.

While on MTV’s podcast, she talked about some of her Season 39 gameplay with hosts Devyn Simone and Da’Vonne Rogers. She dropped the unaired detail that Olivia wanted Horacio eliminated before the final and was trying to get others to do the dirty work for her.

“At first, I was thinking of everyone’s number ones, but nobody was thinking of my number one,” she explained, adding, “The only reason I was willing to say Horacio was because Olivia would always tell me that I could say Horacio. She told several people.”

Although Devyn suggested that Olivia and Horacio had a falling out involving his showmance Nurys, Moriah said that wasn’t the case. She explained that Olivia told her she didn’t want to run a final with Horacio because he is a tougher competitor to defeat.

For Season 39, only one man or woman will become the champion and claim the most prize money.

Olivia reacts to podcast clip and Moriah fires back

An audio clip from the podcast with Moriah talking about Olivia’s behind-the-scenes plan appeared on @thechallengeshaderoom Instagram account. Olivia dropped by the comments and wrote, “Oh this is crazyyyyy.”

It’s unknown if Olivia’s comment was sarcasm or calling what Moriah said “crazy,” but Moriah fired back.

“I genuinely cannot believe that you are implying this isn’t true. This wasn’t even a mean statement. It’s true. You said it to Michele [Fitzgerald] and I in the port o potty, to Jay [Starrett], to Berna [Canbeldek]. I really hope it gets shown because I genuinely question if you just forget,” she replied.

screenshot shows moriah firing back at olivia in the comments of a podcast clip featuring moriah talking about olivia
Moriah on Instagram. Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

Moriah previously blasted Olivia on social media

In another part of the podcast, Devyn asked Moriah about the cast singing a song that made fun of Moriah’s Ride or Dies showmance, Johnny Bananas.

Moriah shared that “every single” castmate sang the song except for herself and Michele Fitzgerald. When asked who came up with the song, Moriah said it was either her Season 39 showmance, James Lock, or castmate Jay Starrett.

Speaking of James, a story of his and Moriah’s showmance has received plenty of spotlight during the episodes, with some of The Challenge champs even coming into The Arena and calling it out.

Among them was Tori Deal, who said Bananas was heartbroken over what Moriah did to him. More recently, Darrell Taylor quipped he wouldn’t “tell Johnny” about Moriah’s fling during Season 39.

However, Moriah may have taken particular exception to some of Olivia’s remarks about her new showmance and the situation with Bananas away from the show.

As Monsters reported earlier in the season, Moriah fired off several tweets at Olivia in which she called her out.

“Olivia let’s see how the season plays out and what you’ve done and then we can talk. your confessionals are very different than your conversations with me… I had your back when I shouldn’t have,” Moriah said in one of her messages.

Olivia fired back that Moriah shouldn’t judge things by one line presented in the episode during a confessional. However, Moriah told her she’d heard things from other castmates about “slick things” that she “said and did” to her.

There’s still half a season left of Battle For a New Champion and a reunion, which could feature some heated moments involving Moriah, Nurys, and Olivia as they explain their sides.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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