The Challenge’s Nicole Zanatta reveals ‘awkward’ situation with All Stars 4 castmate Laurel Stucky

Nicole Zanatta face shot from The Challenge All Stars 4 promo video
Nicole Zanatta appears in The Challenge: All Stars 4. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: All Stars 4 will bring back former fan favorites, including castmates who are friends and foes.

Nicole Zanatta and Laurel Stucky, who are ex-castmates and ex-lovers, will be among the MTV OGs competing in the fourth season of the spinoff.

The pair met through their reality television careers and had a tumultuous relationship on and off The Challenge. They also appeared on MTV’s Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love.

While some viewers might think they’ll be ready to put their differences aside and work together, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Although the previous seasons featured their loving relationship, many fans have seen their falling out on social media.

A promotional sneak peek video for an upcoming episode of All Stars 4 also revealed that they have an “awkward” situation as the season begins.

Nicole and Laurel are at odds in All Stars 4 preview

In an All Stars 4 promo video, Janelle Casaneves speaks with Nicole about potential allies in the game. Janelle said she feels connected with Nicole because they both are first responders.

Upon asking if there is anyone in the cast Nicole wouldn’t feel good about working with, she indicates there’s just one: her ex, Laurel.

“Do I think it’s awkward if Laurel’s in the house? A hundred percent,” Nicole admitted in her confessional interview.

“We have a history. It’s not a secret, but we do not speak whatsoever,” she added.

Laurel seems to share those sentiments as her castmate Leroy Garrett asks her if she and Nicole are on good terms.

“I would say no is the answer to that. I just really want nothing to do with her,” she told Leroy, adding, “Nothing. You’re invisible to me.”

Nicole indicated that Laurel “hates [her] guts because she’s still secretly in love” with her.

“We don’t need to be friends. I don’t need to like you. I’m here to win,” Nicole said.

Nicole and Laurel’s recent appearances on The Challenge

While some of the All Stars cast members return to The Challenge after years “off the grid,” like Adam Larson and Flora Alekseyeva, that’s not the case for Nicole and Laurel.

Nicole has appeared in three seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, beginning with Invasion of the Champions, where she reached the final as a rookie. She returned to her second-straight final in her sophomore season, Vendettas.

She last appeared in MTV’s Double Agents, where her early partner in the game was Devin Walker. Unfortunately, Nicole’s season was cut short due to an injury suffered in a daily challenge against castmate Kam Williams.

Laurel has appeared in more recent installments of The Challenge, including the Ride or Dies season, in which she teamed up with Jakk Maddox.

She returned for a cameo in The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion, where she competed in a single-episode elimination, losing to cast member Ravyn Rochelle.

Viewers saw Laurel at the Season 39 reunion with her All Stars 4 castmate Cara Maria Sorbello nearby. The two seemed to be on decent terms, so seeing where Cara fits into the ongoing feud between Laurel and Nicole will be interesting.

Based on the promo, Nicole could have a rough start to the season, which will likely mean winning the daily challenges, as Laurel can be a tough player to go against in the game.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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