The Challenge’s Moriah Jadea calls out former showmance Johnny Bananas: ‘I thought you didn’t care’

moriah jadea face shot from the challenge ride or dies
Moriah Jadea appeared as a rookie in The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

According to Moriah Jadea, Johnny Bananas, her ex-showmance from The Challenge, continues talking about her months after their off-show situation ended.

The two were castmates on Ride or Dies, where they struck up a showmance and enjoyed time together that season.

They continued to hang out after that season ended, and Bananas even appeared in a promo video spotlighting Moriah’s call to tell her she was on Season 39. However, they never officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

When Moriah showed up for Season 39, aka Battle For a New Champion, she found a new love interest, The Challenge: UK’s James Lock.

That led to some interesting comments from Moriah about not wanting to hurt or embarrass Bananas. While he wasn’t physically part of the show, he was still in a storyline and mentioned through other castmates’ remarks.

This report will contain minor spoilers for MTV’s The Challenge Season 40.

Moriah says Bananas is still talking about her

Taking to Twitter recently, Moriah shared a message in which she claimed her ex still talks about her to other people.

“Apparently this man cannot stop talking about me to EVERYONE. I thought you didn’t care,” Moriah tweeted.

screenshot of moriah jadea tweet claiming bananas is talking about her on season 40
Pic credit: @moriahjadea/Twitter

She added many Pinnochio-type emojis with long noses and a banana emoji to drive home her point about who she was referring to.

Bananas was never in the cast but became part of a storyline during The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion.

Meanwhile, 10 other former champions returned for single-episode elimination events, including Devin Walker, Tori Deal, and Darrell Taylor, who commented about Moriah’s new showmance or mentioned how Bananas was hurt.

During the Season 39 reunion and in post-season interviews, Moriah spoke more about how she felt terrible for hurting Bananas during the season. She also mentioned how she’d heard he was involved in flirty scenes with some of the women who were his castmates on House of Villains.

At that same reunion, Devin mentioned that the seven-time champ Bananas turned down appearing as a former champ on Season 39 due to having an ankle injury.

In minor spoilers, Bananas is currently away filming for The Challenge Season 40 in Vietnam.

Monsters and Critics reported about online spoilers indicating that eight cast members have been eliminated. It seems likely that one of them gave Moriah the intel about her ex-showmance.

Fans react to Moriah’s tweet about Bananas

With Bananas unable to fire back or make any shady remarks on social media, many commenters reacted to Moriah’s tweet.

One commenter suggested that Moriah seems “a little obsessed” and wrote, “things to count on in life, death, taxes, and Moriah complaining about Bananas.”

“You just want that Exes 4 season at this point because you don’t need to tweet about this unless you want attention or support,” another commenter said.

Another individual wrote: “You did him dirty. You expect him to forget you exist?”

screenshot of fan comments to moriah about bananas on season 40
Pic credit: @moriahjadea/Twitter

Other comments sided with Moriah, including one that said, “He’s such a loser,” while another said that Bananas “knows he lost the baddest.”

Another individual brought up how Bananas acted when Dan Gheesling eliminated him first from The Traitors 2.

“I can only imagine its much worse being played by a girl he was into on national TV. It’s his karma for cheating on Morgan [Willett]. It always comes back 10 fold!” the commenter also wrote.

screenshot of commenters reacting to what moriah jadea said about her ex showmance johnny bananas
Pic credit: @moriahjadea/Twitter

“If I was on production, I would’ve casted you and James, and not let Bananas know,” another individual replied.

Viewers saw Moriah keep her more recent showmance, James, on Season 39 as she worked with Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald’s large alliance, convincing others to keep him safe.

Ultimately, he wound up in the last elimination before the final against Olivia Kaiser and Nurys Mateo, with Nurys winning it to reach the final.

Meanwhile, Moriah also qualified for the final and was defeated by Nurys during one of the two eliminations during the event.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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