The Challenge’s Michele Fitzgerald calls castmate ‘truly insufferable’ and responds to ‘make out’ claim

michele fitzgerald in the challenge usa 2
Former Survivor winner Michele Fitzgerald addressed several of her Challenge castmates. Pic credit: Paramount+

Former Survivor winner and The Challenge star Michele Fitzgerald recently addressed several of her castmates, both of whom she may have had some issues with in recent seasons of MTV’s show.

Michele is currently appearing in CBS’ spinoff, The Challenge: USA 2, where she’s been able to navigate the game by playing multiple sides, including Survivor and MTV allies.

She’ll next appear in the cast for The Challenge Season 39, Battle for a New Champion, where she’s among competitors trying to win the show for the first time.

During the season, some of the show’s former winners, including Laurel Stucky, will appear for one-episode elimination battles.

She and Michele famously clashed a bit during MTV’s Ride or Dies season, resulting in confusion and paranoia during the game. That led to some tense and dramatic moments involving the two castmates.

Based on Laurel’s recent social media post, Michele asked her about making out, but she turned her down. Michele addressed that tidbit but also mentioned another matter where she referred to a castmate as “truly insufferable.”

Michele says she isn’t ‘deterred by rejection’ from castmate

According to Laurel, she had some “deets about how Michele asked” her if she’d “make out with her ever” when they were together at a club. However, Laurel claims she said “no” to her castmate.

“One thing about me is you knowwww imma shoot my shot,” Michele wrote in a message responding to the claim.

A Challenge fan asked Michele what Laurel’s answer was to her request, with Michele indicating she thought she’d said “maybe.”

However, Michele says if Laurel said she said no, she believes her, but “little does she know, I’m not deterred by rejection.”

Michele claimed one of her castmates is ‘truly insufferable’

While Laurel will briefly appear on MTV’s The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion, Michele could be on the show longer, depending on how she does with votes and potential elimination in the game.

In another social media message, she suggested, “some people from the challenge world are truly insufferable.”

A fan said they thought Michele was referring to either Laurel or Amanda, two of her recent rivals on the show. However, Michele indicated it wasn’t them.

“Haha no sweetie that’s their issue. Mine is with someone from 39,” she replied.

Michele didn’t mention which castmate from Season 39 she was referring to. However, the season’s premiere arrives in late October, and the episodes could tell the story.

The former Survivor winner debuted on MTV’s Spies, Lies & Allies season, where she teamed up with several individuals that season, including fellow rookie Corey Lay. They won their first elimination against Michaela Bradshaw and her partner Renan Hellemans as a team.

Later in the season, Michele and Corey lost in elimination to Hughie Maughan and Amber Borzotra.

Monsters and Critics previously reported Season 39 spoilers about the drama and fights that occurred during the upcoming MTV show, and there appeared to be quite a few incidents. However, one has to wonder if they’ll all make it into the final episode footage and what else will be revealed on social media.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS. The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion premieres Wednesday, October 25, on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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