The Challenge’s Melissa Reeves reveals if she’s friends with Kam Williams after their Vendettas fight

melissa reeves and kam williams argue on the challenge vendettas
The Challenge rookies Melissa Reeves and Kam Williams got into a fight on Vendettas. Pic credit: MTV

Over the 36 seasons of The Challenge, viewers have seen plenty of moments where tempers flared, and competitors got into heated arguments. That included the Vendettas season where rookies Melissa Reeves and Kam Williams feuded.

Sometimes those arguments between cast members can continue forth after a season ends and even impact how players strategize in future seasons on the show.

Melissa Reeves recently spoke about her situation with “Killa Kam” years after they argued on Vendettas, and it seems things could be different now.

Melissa was ready to fight Kam on Vendettas

Two of the promising rookie competitors on The Challenge: Vendettas were Are You The One? star Kam Williams and Ex on the Beach UK’s Melissa Reeves. They ended up in an intense confrontation during one particular episode, where it looked like Melissa was ready to fight.

During their argument, Kam got in Melissa’s face and asked her if she wanted to know what people in the house were saying about her reputation. Melissa told her it was a competition about winning competitions. Kam said it might give her an advantage to know what other people are saying about her, though.

Melissa ended up putting her hair up as if she was going to fight. She even dared Kam to hit her several times, but the two women mostly did a lot of shouting and never got into a physical fight.

Even so, Melissa once again showing her hotheaded nature just a season later. She and castmate Kailah Casillas got into an altercation in the house in just the first episode of Final Reckoning. The two female competitors ended up putting hands on one another, which led to them both being kicked off the show.

Ironically, Melissa’s partner on that show was none other than Kam, but they never got to work together beyond that episode. Melissa returned on Total Madness, and based on her performance, is a force to be reckoned with in terms of female competitors.

Melissa says things would be different if they do The Challenge together

For Melissa, she last appeared on Season 35, aka Total Madness, but was forced to withdraw from the final due to being unknowingly pregnant. She’s since been raising her baby daughter Vienna as a single mother.

However, she said during a recent Instagram Q&A session that she’d be open to returning to The Challenge with the goal of winning this time.

Another fan asked her about whether or not she and Kam are friends following their fight from the Vendettas season. According to Melissa, the two competitors would be fine on the show together.

“So considering Vendettas was so long ago; I get asked this quite a lot. Now Kam and I haven’t got to know another, to be friends, but I feel like I have respect for her as a competitor, as a person. She’s a businesswoman. She’s strong-minded,” Melissa said, giving praise to Kam.

“We completely got off on the wrong foot because I was obviously very mouthy. Just didn’t click. I liked to p** people off back then. I feel like if we did a season together again, it’d be different because, I don’t know, we’re both more grown now,” she added.

It seems that Kam agrees with Melissa 100 percent on everything she said about them being able to get along and co-exist on The Challenge. She shared Melissa’s slide on her IG Story with the comment “Completely Agreed.”

kam williams shares melissa reeves answer about their challenge feud
Pic credit: @iamkamiam_/Instagram

While Melissa is raising her daughter, she’s probably also training for a future season of the show and may even be studying Kam’s moves on The Challenge: Double Agents. As of right now, it appears the two would be just fine on the show and could even work together.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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