The Challenge’s Mark Long reveals his vision for future All Stars seasons’ cast members

mark long in the challenge all stars trailer
Mark Long in a scene from The Challenge: All Stars trailer. Pic credit: Paramount+

Many of the OGs from MTV’s The Challenge series over the years are set to return for a new spinoff season called The Challenge: All Stars.

The trailer and cast reveal had fans excitdely expressing their opinions of which stars they would have liked to see on the spinoff show. It also had fans questioning some of the cast choices based on limited experience or lack of wins on The Challenge.

However, The Challenge star Mark Long, who helped bring All Stars to life, gave his thoughts on what he believes future seasons of the show should be like.

Former Challenge star asks about The Challenge: All Stars format

On Tuesday, March 16, The Challenge: All Stars trailer debuted online with cast reveal photos showing off 22 competitors from past seasons of MTV’s reality competition series.

Among the notable cast members are former winners like Mark Long, Derrick Kosinski, Darrell Taylor, and Katie Cooley (formerly Katie Doyle). Double Agents star Aneesa Ferreira is there and certainly an OG. Many other All Stars cast members appeared on multiple Challenge seasons without ever winning. There are even a few competitors that appeared only once.

The cast reveal had some fans wondering why competitors like Johnny Bananas, Wes Bergmann, or Chris “CT” Tamburello were missing from the lineup.

It also brought former Challenge winner Veronica Portillo onto Twitter to reply to a tweet from Challenge Mania Podcast host Scott Yager. In Scott’s retweet of the All Stars trailer, he asked fans to cut the “this person isn’t OG” talk.

Veronica basically asked in her retweet of Scott’s tweet how Bunim Murray Productions (BMP) will differentiate All Stars from the regular seasons of The Challenge in the future.

Veronica Portillo is certainly a notable absence in terms of female competitors. She’s an OG who debuted on Road Rules Semester at Sea and has three Challenge wins during her career. The now 43-year-old Veronica has been on 11 regular seasons. She last appeared on the Final Reckoning season, which aired on MTV in 2018.

While Veronica is missing from the lineup, her cast mate from Road Rules, Yes Duffy, will be a part of the All Stars competitors.

Mark Long explains how he sees All Stars in future seasons

While there has been no official announcement anywhere for The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 or beyond, Mark Long and many others believe it will go forth beyond one season.

Based on what Veronica said in part of her tweet, the future seasons shouldn’t be “overflowing with international Reality characters.”

In reply to part of Veronica’s tweet above, Mark Long explained how he sees future seasons going in terms of the casting.

“My vision for the future of #TheChallengeAllStars is to keep it Real World/Road Rules/Freshmeat only. Hopefully the majority of them the fans haven’t seen in a minute. #TeamVeronica,” Mark replied.

mark long explains vision for future of all stars in tweet reply
Pic credit: @TheMarkLong/Twitter

If Mark’s vision for the future of The Challenge: All Stars plays out as he sees it, that would probably mean none of the UK fan favorites, Big Brother, Survivor, or Are You The One? stars popping up on future seasons. However, Bunim Murray may decide otherwise.

Quite possibly they could start polling fans about which competitors they want to see most on future All Stars seasons. That way they could bring in more of the OG competitors that a majority of viewers are requesting to see.

The Challenge: All Stars premieres April 1 on Paramount+.

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