The Challenge’s Mark Long calls out WWE superstar Sheamus with promo at SmackDown event

mark long during the challenge all stars final confessional
The Challenge’s Mark Long cut a promo aimed at Sheamus while attending a WWE event. Pic credit: Paramount+

A collision between The Challenge legend Mark Long and WWE superstar Sheamus seems imminent, as the two-time champion has sent another message to The Celtic Warrior.

The Godfather recently showed up at WWE’s SmackDown event and again put the former United States Champion on notice.

This time around, Mark delivered a full-on promo, urging WWE to get involved and make a match happen.

Mark Long delivers ‘WWE promo’ aimed at Sheamus

On Friday, September 10, WWE SmackDown took place at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, bringing in plenty of fans for the event.

That included Mark Long from MTV’s Road Rules and The Challenge, who let Sheamus know he’d be there ahead of time due to a previous confrontation they had during WWE Raw.

Unfortunately, Sheamus was nowhere to be found when Mark arrived at the event. That could be due to his schedule of performing on the WWE Raw show on Monday nights.

With Sheamus a no-show at the venue, Mark shared a video on his Twitter account, complete with a caption calling out the WWE superstar for not showing up.

In the video, Mark delivers a hilarious promo, introducing himself as “The Mark Long aka The Godfather aka The Champ Champ aka The OG of OGs.”

He goes on to let Sheamus and others know how to cut “a real WWE promo.”

“If I hear my name is coming out of your mouth one more time, I will hunt you down. I don’t care if it’s in a yard [or] if it’s in the parking lot of your local Chili’s. I will find you, and I will smack you so hard your hair will turn white,” Long said in his message to Sheamus.

Mark went on to tell WWE that they know where to find him, suggesting they check out his social media and arrange this match.

“Let’s handle this like men,” Mark said near the end of his message for Sheamus.

Mark and Sheamus previously got into it during WWE event

Weeks before the SmackDown event on Friday night, Mark attended WWE Raw at Florida’s Amway Arena in early August.

Mark’s good friend and Challenge castmate Mike “The Miz” Mizanin was part of the event, with The Godfather front row to cheer him and other WWE superstars on.

However, things took an interesting turn during a match involving Sheamus. As The Celtic Warrior left the ring, he and Mark got into it a bit at ringside, with Sheamus pointing at The Challenge star from a safe distance near the crowd barrier.

Mark responded with a taunting flex to let the WWE star know he wasn’t intimidated by any of his ringside antics.

The two continued the exchange briefly on Twitter, with WWE on Fox suggesting a Hall Brawl between the two beasts. So far, Sheamus hasn’t accepted the challenge from WWE on Fox or Mark.

Two-time champ seems ready for WWE match

Mark, who originally appeared on MTV’s Road Rules, went on to do several seasons of the competition series, The Challenge. He’d go on to win during two of the seasons he appeared on and was last seen on the Battle of the Exes season in 2012.

After years away from MTV’s reality show, Mark made his big return with The Challenge: All Stars spinoff in 2021. It featured OG cast members from MTV’s Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat. The series had 10 weekly episodes released on the Paramount Plus streaming network.

Many fans and reviewers praised the spinoff for bringing back the fun and nostalgia of MTV’s earlier installments of The Challenge.

With All Stars’ first season finished, fans are awaiting the announcement of a second season. Meanwhile, Mark Long is still awaiting Sheamus to show up and give him the match he continues to call him out for.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on-demand on Paramount Plus.

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