The Challenge’s Leroy Garrett shares why he returned for All Stars 4 after previously retiring

leroy garrett face shot from the challenge all stars 4 episode 2
Leroy Garrett appears on The Challenge: All Stars 4, Episode 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

Fan-favorite power couple Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams officially returned to The Challenge as part of the All Stars 4 spin-off.

The popular duo, now parents to two children, last appeared together in MTV’s Double Agents season.

Ahead of that season, Leroy announced it would be his last one, and he revealed it was due to the lack of involvement production had during his castmate’s racist tirade toward him on The Challenge Season 30.

While away from the show, he focused on his barber business, his relationship with Kam, and building their family.

However, The Challenge came calling again with the Paramount+ spinoff show, and Leroy accepted the call.

He credited Kam for talking him into it because of how things have changed with everyone involved in the competition series.

Leroy reveals why he returned for All Stars 4

A recent interview from 93.7 the Beat’s Ashlee with Two E’s featured Kam and Leroy discussing their return for The Challenge: All Stars 4.

Kam returned to the show after giving birth, and Leroy’s return arrived after he’d previously announced he would no longer appear on The Challenge.

“I wasn’t gonna come back at all. When I came home, [Kam] really persuaded me,” Leroy said, adding, “She had let me know the changes they’d made over at the network.”

“When I retired, it was for a reason with everyone that happened on Dirty 30 with the Camila situation, and I felt like there’s no way I could come back if there wasn’t any type of changes made to make sure there was a zero-tolerance policy for any type of racism or any type of inequality amongst cast members,” Leroy explained.

He indicated that the show had since implemented a two-hour training course for cast and crew that they had never taken before.

“Now it felt like a safe place to be. You know I can’t erase the past. They were super involved in helping me build this zero-tolerance policy thing out, and that’s all I ever wanted- for what happened to me not to happen to anyone else,” Leroy said.

He and Killa Kam joined a cast that included OGs Brandon Nelson, Ayanna Mackins, Janelle Casanave, Tyrie Ballard-Brown, Jasmine Reynaud, and Kefla Hare.

There were also other familiar faces from Kam and Leroy’s various MTV seasons, including Cara Maria Sorbello, Laurel Stucky, Nicole Zanatta, and Tony Raines.

Why did Leroy retire after Double Agents?

As mentioned, an incident on The Challenge: Dirty 30 involving Leroy’s castmate Camila Nakagawa and the production’s lack of appropriate handling ultimately led to Leroy announcing his retirement.

That was Camila’s 10th season of the show, having previously won Battle of the Exes alongside Johnny Bananas. 

During Season 30, Camila became belligerent and made racial remarks towards Leroy. She and Jordan Wiseley were winners of that season – and they each received $450,000 in prize money.

That marked her final season of the show. Meanwhile, Leroy appeared in four more seasons, reaching the final in three but never winning the grand prize.

MTV’s Double Agents was his farewell season, as he announced before it that he was retiring.

Based on comments from Leroy in a 2021 video explaining his decision to retire, he said he felt the show’s production crew didn’t do enough to intervene and handle the situation appropriately.

“It’s really heartbreaking, and it’s sad. To know that a network who, at this point, who I’ve given at least seven or eight years to, everything, you guys are basically just recording it. You’re not doing anything to help me. Nothing,” Leroy said regarding the situation.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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