The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky returns to social media, teases ‘secret stuff’ on the way for fans

laurel stucky from the challenge war of the worlds 2
The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky teased fans she has some “secret stuff” coming up. Pic credit: MTV

Laurel Stucky returned to social media after a lengthy hiatus, delighting fans of The Challenge with her presence.

The Free Agents winner last appeared in MTV’s competition series for Season 38, aka Ride or Dies, where she teamed with her friend, rookie Jakk Maddox.

They didn’t make it quite as far into the game as they might have hoped, with distrustful castmate Michele Fitzgerald targeting Laurel due to not knowing where they stood with one another.

Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira ultimately defeated Laurel and Jakk in an elimination event in Ride or Dies Episode 6.

With Laurel’s return to the MTV series, fans are hopeful that they’ll see Laurel return for another season, and based on one of her latest messages, they might.

This report will contain spoilers near the end regarding Laurel’s future with The Challenge franchise.

Laurel returns to social media with a tease about ‘secret stuff’

On Thursday, Laurel tweeted her first remarks since December 2022, commenting about the significant change that had everyone talking about Twitter. It involved the blue checkmark situation and paying for a subscription to get the verification symbol.

“Ok so this is funny, last time I signed into twitter I had a verification, but now they took away the verification AND made it so accounts are less safe. Who on EARTH would pay for a blue check mark? As Jakk would say ‘twitter is not the vibe,'” Laurel said in her tweet.

laurel stucky tweets after hiatus from twitter
Pic credit: @laurelstucky/Twitter

Laurel followed that up with more thoughts, letting fans of The Challenge know she was there to engage and interact with people who love the show or might relate to her in “some way.”

“I’ve been off social media for a while now, but meeting you out in public where you say hi to me has been fun bc I get to see your faces!” Laurel tweeted.

laurel stucky is back on twitter
Pic credit: @laurelstucky/Twitter

It was one of Laurel’s later messages that likely piqued fans’ curiosity, though, as she said, “secret stuff” is on the way.

“Challenge fans should be excited because of what is up and coming. Can’t wait til secret stuff is released,” she wrote.

laurel stucky returns to twitter and teases secret stuff
Pic credit: @laurelstucky/Twitter

What are The Challenge spoilers about Laurel?

Laurel didn’t give any specifics in her tweet, but there have been some spoilers from The Challenge for weeks. As mentioned, she last appeared in Ride or Dies, returning to the show after her early exit from War of the Worlds 2.

Based on The Challenge spoilers, Laurel filmed another show following that, which looks to be a popular spinoff with fans.

While she couldn’t say anything yet, it seems likely she’s referring to her appearance on The Challenge: All Stars 4, which has yet to have any promotional content from Paramount Plus or elsewhere.

It’s already gained popularity, with fans demanding an All Stars 4 trailer or any indication that the next OG spinoff season is on the way. As of this writing, The Challenge: USA 2 seems to be coming next on CBS, while Season 39 is currently filming for MTV.

There’s a possibility that Laurel is also involved in 39, based on a unique Challenge twist circulating online via spoiler accounts. With that in mind, her fans have plenty to look forward to from the former champ.

The Challenge Season 39 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10, at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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