The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky comments on ‘beef’ with Cara Maria Sorbello after argument with Paulie Calafiore

laurel stuck on the challenge war of the worlds 2
The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky during the War of the Worlds 2 season. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Laurel Stucky is opening up about the situation with her castmate, Cara Maria Sorbello, and says there’s no “beef” on her side when it comes to their situation. The former Challenge winner wanted fans to realize there wasn’t the drama they thought existed between them.

Laurel’s latest remarks arrived a few days after she and Cara Maria Sorbello’s boyfriend, Paulie Calafiore, had a war of words on social media over a photo that their War of the Worlds 2 castmate Theo Campbell shared.

That naturally brought Cara into the conversation as some fans began comparing the two Challenge stars in terms of their competitive records and wins on the show. However, Laurel is now clearing things up as far as any drama between them goes.

Laurel shares video about her situation with Cara Maria

On Wednesday, Fresh Meat star and Challenge winner Laurel Stucky took to her Instagram to clear things up for fans. She said she was still getting tagged in stuff from various people and was getting comments regarding her situation with castmate Cara Maria Sorbello.

In a series of video clips, Laurel indicated she doesn’t have any issues with Cara or lingering drama, even saying she offered her friendship to Cara if she needed it.

“I have currently no beef with Cara Maria. The last time I saw Cara was on War of the Worlds 2 reunion, and we said what we said on stage, and I saw her getting into the elevator, and I said, ‘You do know if you ever need to call me, I’m here.’” Laurel shared in her IG Story video.

“Debate all you want about who’s the best athlete in The Challenge, but don’t discredit somebody who’s put in hard work. Cara is a Challenge champion, and so am I,” Laurel said.

“Little did I know that laughing at something that actually happened would be so triggering,” Laurel laughed in her video, referring to her online argument with Cara’s boyfriend.

“But I guess it sucks when you die in a final,” she added.

“I also just want to say that I’m done engaging in bulls**t. Fools need no response. They embarrass themselves,” she said in closing out her video.

The @mtvtheechallenge Instagram account shared all of Laurel’s videos from her recent IG Story below.

Laurel and Paulie argued after her comment on castmate’s photo post

Laurel’s reference to “engaging in bulls**t” is likely about her recent argument with former WOTW 2 castmate Paulie Calafiore. She commented on Theo Campbell’s Instagram post, which included various photos from Theo’s time on two seasons of The Challenge.

The final photo in Theo’s IG post showed Paulie laying flat on his back on the ground, passed out during the WOTW 2 final. It’s become an infamous moment that still haunts Paulie to this day.

Laurel left a comment on Theo’s post “lol-ing” at the “anchor photo” he shared, referring to the image of Paulie. That brought Paulie to reply, and then the former castmates argued back and forth several times in the comments section, with fans jumping in to voice their opinions.

Following that argument, Paulie and Laurel shared reaction videos discussing the situation. Paulie called out some of his castmates for getting him dropped from Total Madness just before the season started and never admitting to it. Laurel shared a shorter video on her IG Story in which she mentioned she was getting tagged a lot but showed love for her true fans.

Laurel, Paulie, and Cara last appeared on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2, where Laurel was eliminated in a surprising upset by castmate “Ninja” Natalie Duran. Paulie and Cara reached the finals thanks to their alliance and solid strategy of eliminating other strong competitors from their team and the game.

However, their remaining team lost the final, with many calling out Paulie passing out as what dragged the Americans down.

For those wanting to debate who the better athlete is between Laurel and Cara, the stats may help. Laurel has made it to the final four times and won once. She has a 9-2 elimination record and 20 daily wins. Meanwhile, Cara Maria has reached nine finals and won twice. She’s 13-6 in eliminations and has 42 daily challenge wins.

As of this report, Cara has been on more seasons, with 14 appearances on MTV’s show compared to just six for Laurel.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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