The Challenge’s Kendal Sheppard says Road Rules castmate will probably never appear on All Stars

the challenge all stars competitor kendal sheppard in elimination confessional
Kendal Sheppard was amongst 22 OG competitors on The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

During a recent chat with fans, The Challenge: All Stars’ Kendal Sheppard spoke about many topics related to MTV’s show in the past and potential cast members for future seasons of All Stars.

Among the names that came up was her former Road Rules castmate, Shane Landrum, who fans saw compete on several seasons of MTV’s The Challenge over the years.

Kendal went on to say she doesn’t believe Shane will ever appear on a season of the OG spinoff show, adding some interesting tidbits about how he helped her process things after her All Stars season.

Road Rules Campus Crawl produced future Challenge stars

Kendal Sheppard initially arrived on reality television alongside several other future Challenge stars, including Darrell Taylor, Rachel Robinson, and Shane Landrum. Most longtime fans will recognize them amongst the OGs of MTV’s competition series.

Of those competitors, all but Shane reached a final and won at least once. However, Shane became a recognizable cast member through his seven regular-season appearances on MTV’s The Challenge.

He debuted on Battle of the Sexes and competed on The Inferno, Fresh Meat, and Invasion of the Champions. His last appearance was the Final Reckoning season, where he was partnered up with Nelson Thomas. In addition, Shane was on the 2018 spinoff series Champs vs. Stars.

He was never in the final but involved in plenty of dramatic moments during the various seasons, including a blowup between he and castmate Da’Vonne Rogers.

Sine that Final Reckoning season, viewers have not see the 40-year-old Shane, leaving many to wonder if he might return for another installment, or quite possibly pop up on The Challenge: All Stars spinoff.

Kendal explains why RR castmate won’t appear on All Stars

On Sunday, June 20, Kendal Sheppard hosted an IGTV live video chat (below) with fans while she was doing some cooking at home. Several questions about The Challenge came up. One of them, about 56 minutes into her video, asked whether she thought her former castmate Shane might appear on All Stars in the future.

“Sadly no. I would love to watch him. I would love to someday compete with him. I would love to just see his face. I wish you guys knew him like I know him. He is this phenomenal human being and quite possibly the most well-rounded person I’ve ever met,” Kendal said.

She went on to give more praise for her former castmate, mentioning all that he brought to the table, including his intelligence and athletic abilities.

“His athleticism is like remarkable…His brain, like the verbiage he uses. The thoughts that he has. The way he can connect dots with new information. He is so friggin smart. Not just like book smart but even like theoretically or psychologically,” Kendal shared.

Kendal also revealed that after finishing her All Stars season, she called her castmate Darrell Taylor because she “was a mess,” but she said that didn’t help. So she called her other former castmate and friend, Shane. She said that Shane broke things down for her in a “human way” that was understandable and “so deep and thoughtful.”

She then explained why she doesn’t believe viewers are going to see Shane appear on an All Stars spinoff season.

“No, he’ll never do it. He makes way too much money doing what he does now. Loves his job. He’s not leaving it, and I think he’s just sort of moved on,” Kendal added, saying she wishes they could have one more chance to play together.

Unfortunately, fans may not get to see Shane pop up again on All Stars alongside some of the other OG competitors anytime soon. However, it seems like based on what Kendal revealed in her video chat, Shane’s quite happy with where he’s at post-Challenge.

There’s also that well-known phrase, “never say never,” and it could even apply to former Road Rules and Real World stars who seem uninterested in being associated with The Challenge. There seems always to be that possibility they’ll decide to come back and reunite with former friends.

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