The Challenge’s Kam Williams reveals she’s unsure where she stands with All Stars 4 castmate

kam williams face shot from the challenge all stars 4 promo
Kam Williams is back for The Challenge: All Stars 4. Pic credit: MTV

Kam Williams is back for The Challenge: All Stars 4 alongside other MTV OGs as they compete to win cash prizes.

She’s part of a cast that includes her close friend Cara Maria Sorbello and the love of Kam’s life, Leroy Garrett.

Kam allied with Leroy and Cara in MTV’s War of the Worlds 2, the last season all three appeared together.

Now they’re reunited for The Challenge spin-off. However, while Kam may have some close allies on All Stars 4, she recently revealed she’s uncertain where she stands with a specific castmate.

Over her various appearances on The Challenge, she’s had infamous moments where she confronted castmates, including Melissa Reeves and Laurel Stucky.

The latter will be one of Kam’s castmates on All Stars 4, and Killa Kam isn’t quite sure if they have been from a previous season.

Kam suggests potential beef with Laurel in All Stars 4

A new promotional video for The Challenge: All Stars 4 asked, “Will there be beef on the menu?” in its caption.

The clip presents Challengers, including Averey Tressler, Jay Gotti, Brandon Nelson, and Kam, discussing their potential beef with All Stars 4 castmates.

Averey mentioned she might have had beef with Leroy because they were teammates before, and he had to leave that Challenge season due to injury.

The former Real World: Portland star was unaware that her partner had gone to the hospital, as she learned from a producer. Ultimately, Leroy’s medical disqualification meant that Averey got disqualified from competing.

“But I’m pretty sure we squashed the beef,” she revealed in the All Stars 4 clip.

While Averey feels good about her situation with Leroy heading into All Stars 4, the same might not be true for Kam’s situation with Laurel.

“The only person that I’m a little bit weary about is possibly Laurel,” Kam shared before adding, “I know that the last time I’ve seen her, her and I didn’t end off on the most perfect foot.”

Kam and Laurel clashed during Season 34

A flashback clip revealed Laurel and Kam having a heated argument during The Challenge Season 34, also known as War of the Worlds 2.

That season, Cara and her boyfriend, Paulie Calafiore, teamed up with others in the game to target specific competitors from their squad, Team USA. They worked to eliminate Johnny Bananas and Laurel Stucky because Cara felt they would target her.

In the WOTW 2 scene in the All Stars 4 clip, Kam walked into a room and confronted Laurel after hearing her irate as she talked to Bananas about castmates who came to the season with “pre-made deals.”

“You think I made pre-made deals? I didn’t. You think you might be able to strong-arm them, but it won’t work on me,” Kam told Laurel, adding that she wasn’t “scared” of her.

In that particular episode, Laurel got sent into elimination later against fellow Team USA member, “Ninja” Natalie Duran. At first, Laurel thought she achieved the win as she enthusiastically celebrated her victory.

However, she lost in a controversial finish after Ninja pointed out that Laurel did not complete the elimination task correctly. Ninja then went back and finished it as required. For the results, host TJ Lavin announced that when they “checked the tapes,” Ninja won, ousting Laurel from the game.

Meanwhile, Kam and Leroy continued throughout the season, relatively safe from elimination due to their alliance with Paulie and Cara.

With that in mind, Kam may have numbers on her side heading into All Stars 4, but Laurel is a savvy player who is always one to keep a close eye on.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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Suzi Swindler
Suzi Swindler
1 month ago

Would be nice if those of us who have never seen War of the Worlds 1 and 2, and Total Madness seasons could. Alas those seasons have been pulled from viewership due to legal reasons. That stinks!