The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas reacts to being called a ‘bully’ on House of Villains

the challenge star johnny bananas face shot from the usa 2 spinoff
The Challenge star Johnny Bananas called out critical remarks from fans about his new reality TV show. Pic credit: CBS/Paramount+

Johnny Bananas has become one of reality television’s iconic villains due to his history on The Challenge, including his infamous money-winning decision years ago.

He won the Rivals III season with teammate Sarah Rice, only to shock her and viewers when host TJ Lavin revealed Bananas had the option to split the money with his partner or keep it for himself.

Years later, he’s a seven-time champion of MTV’s competition series, with many ranking him as the greatest competitor of all time.

While he may have mellowed in recent years on The Challenge, the iconic reality TV star may rub some viewers and show fans the wrong way.

He’s now appearing on House of Villains, with E! regularly airing episodes to showcase Bananas and his castmates’ nefarious ways.

Bananas recently called out several comments from viewers suggesting that he is back in his “early roots” from The Challenge and that he acted like a “bully” on House of Villains.

Bananas is competing for the first-ever House of Villains crown

In a spoiler likely circulating online through social media posts, Johnny Bananas is still competing as part of E! House of Villains cast. With that, he can add another reality TV win to his resume.

However, his latest game might involve being much more strategic and villainous than in recent seasons of The Challenge.

In House of Villains, Episode 8, Survivor’s Jonny Fairplay nominated Bobby Lytes as the Super Villain Of The Week. When Fairplay admitted to allies Bananas and Love Is Blind’s Shake Chatterjee that he regretted that move, Bananas said Fairplay was fully aware of what he was doing.

During a chat with his allies, Fairplay said he trusted what Bobby previously told him. Bananas suggested people can’t trust anything Bobby says, and a montage of highlights was shown as potential evidence.

“Everybody here has their own way of being manipulative. Some people manipulate with their charm and sense of humor. This guy,” Bananas said, pointing at himself during a confessional interview.

Bobby nominated Bananas, Shake, and, surprisingly, himself as the three individuals who could get eliminated.

However, Bananas won the episode’s redemption challenge against Bobby and Shake, which involved writing funny captions about photos from the House of Villains season. That gave Bananas immunity from elimination.

At the Banishment Ceremony later, Bobby or Shake would get eliminated. Only five individuals voted, and more voted against Bobby, including Bananas. Host Joel McHale sent iconic villain Bobby out of the game by pressing a button and sending his chair backward into a wall.

Bananas reacts to critical remarks about his House of Villains appearance

Based on one viewer’s interpretation of Bananas in House of Villains, he acted like a “bully” toward his castmate Bobby.

“Face it, Johnny is nothing but a bully. Bobby was not afraid of him, and I respect him for not bowing to the bully,” an individual commented on Twitter.

Bananas shared a retweet with his response suggesting, “This might be the worst take of the century.”

twitter screenshot of johnny bananas responding to worst take about him on house of villains
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Twitter

Several commenters backed Bananas, suggesting that the original take didn’t make sense.

“Oh wow the delusional ppl are typing again !!!” a commenter wrote, suggesting Bobby needs to go on The Challenge where he would “b***h out.”

“Bobby wasn’t bullied, he was outplayed. Dumbest move you can do is send yourself into elimination,” another individual wrote.

screenshot of commenters on twitter defending johnny bananas after bully comment
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Twitter

While Bananas disagreed with the original commenters’ take calling him a “bully,” he agreed with another fan referencing what happens to those who try to oppose Bananas in a game.

Bananas throws shade at The Challenge production

In another tweet, someone suggested that Bananas is “much better in House of Villains than the most recent Challenges” and that E! ‘s new show allows Bananas to return to his “early Challenge roots.”

However, Bananas indicated he’s the “same on both” and that the edit has changed for him.

“VIllains wants to showcase my magnificence. The Challenge wants to hide it,” Bananas said.

screenshot of tweet about johnny bananas on house of villains vs the challenge
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Twitter

Many fans consider Bananas a highlight of any Challenge season he appears on. He returned with friend and castmate Nany Gonzalez for The Challenge: Ride or Dies, where they finished as runner-ups to winners Tori Deal and Devin Walker.

Bananas then appeared on the spinoff, The Challenge: USA 2, as one of six MTV stars joining the cast of Big Brother, Survivor, and Amazing Race stars. He reached yet another final, finishing third overall behind runner-up Cory Wharton and USA 2 winner Chris Underwood.

However, based on the success of House of Villains, one has to wonder if this E! show could become Bananas’ new home.

It would be surprising if the show doesn’t get a second season based on the popularity of its inaugural run. Bananas is not getting any younger, and the show seems to suit his non-bullying personality with better edits, per The Challenge superstar.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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