The Challenge’s Jemmye Carroll blasts MTV show and spinoffs: ‘The fans deserve better’

Jemmye Carroll in The Challenge All Stars
The Challenge OG Jemmye Carroll shared her thoughts about the current state of MTV’s The Challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

Jemmye Carroll recently called out MTV’s The Challenge and several spinoffs of the show for going in what she believes is the wrong direction.

Viewers have seen Jemmye return in the past few years on several seasons of The Challenge: All Stars, one of which saw her reach the final.

The former Real World: New Orleans star posted her thoughts in a Q&A session with fans on her social media, explaining she believes the fans deserve a lot better from The Challenge franchise.

“Honestly, the new direction pisses me off as a cast member & as a fan,” she wrote in an Instagram Story.

“The fans deserve so better & the show still has so much potential. It’s exhausting watch a show i love go in the complete WRONG direction,” she said, adding, “The 37 spinoffs truly make ZERO sense.”

She concluded her reply by saying that All Stars is better than the “Main show + spinoffs.”

Jemmy Carroll comments about MTV The Challenge and spinoffs
Jemmye Carroll comments about MTV’s The Challenge and spinoffs. Pic credit: @challengeteaa/Instagram

Fans react to Jemmye’s thoughts about the direction of The Challenge

Jemmye’s Instagram Story slide was reshared by a Challenge fan account, with other fans giving feedback about the show’s direction lately. A majority of the commenters seemed to agree with Jemmye’s opinions.


Another fan said they’d been “obsessed” with The Challenge all their life and “never missed a season” but stopped watching several years ago due to disinterest.

“They killed a great f***ing show,” the commenter said.

Fans of The Challenge react to Jemmye opinion
Pic credit: @challengeteaa/Instagram

Additional commenters said, “All stars is the breath of fresh air we longed for,” or “We need to stick to the main show.”

One individual said they were saving judgment until they saw what Season 39’s cast, theme, and episodes are like on MTV.

Others raised Jemmye’s fear of ketchup or that she “always got something to say” about things.

“she’s salty she can’t get casted on the main show,” another person said regarding Jemmye’s rant about The Challenge.

Fans react to Jemmye blasting The Challenge direction
Pic credit: @challengeteaa/Instagram

Jemmye returned for The Challenge: All Stars spinoffs

Jemmye, 34, appeared in seven seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, beginning with 2012’s Battle of the Seasons, where she teamed up with her RW castmate, Ryan Knight.

In her second season, Rivals II, Jemmye teamed with Camila Nakagawa, and the duo reached the final, finishing third amongst competitors.

She didn’t reach any other regular season finals on MTV but returned triumphantly with other MTV OGs on The Challenge: All Stars’ first season.

Jemmye placed seventh in the All Stars final, finishing behind castmates Mark Long, KellyAnne Judd, Jonna Mannion, Darrell Taylor, and the sole winner, Yes Duffy.

While Jemmye returned for The Challenge: All Stars 3, her time on the show was cut short by a family emergency with her father back home. A fourth All Stars season is expected to arrive at some point, although there’s been no promotional content featuring the cast for the Paramount+ spinoff yet.

MTV’s recent season, Ride or Dies, concluded several months ago. It featured a group of newcomers to the show and OGs, including some individuals Jemmye has been castmates with on All Stars. They included Darrell Taylor, Veronica Portillo, Jordan Wiseley, and Aneesa Ferreira.

After Ride or Dies’ reunion episodes, there were a few weeks off before fans had The Challenge: World Championship spinoff on Paramount Plus. The show brought Legends, including Johnny Bananas, Jordan, Darrell, Wes Bergmann, Jonna, KellyAnne, and other MTV stars.

Those legendary Challengers teamed up with “MVPs” from the USA, UK, Argentina, and Australia spinoff shows for The Challenge. Ultimately one team won World Championship, splitting $500,000 in prize money and becoming the first-ever Challenge World Champions.

The next show for The Challenge franchise appears to be CBS’ The Challenge: USA 2, featuring CBS reality TV stars and MTV Legends competing in the game. Also, Season 39 is filming, with two eliminations recently revealed via online spoilers. However, All Stars 4 remains a mystery, so stay tuned.

The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10 at 10/9c on CBS. The Challenge Season 39 is TBA for MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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