The Challenge’s Brad Fiorenza shares why he was ‘struggling’ during All Stars 4

brad fiorenza face shot from the challenge all stars 4 episode 7
The Challenge’s Brad Fiorenza had a disappointing All Stars 4 season. Pic credit: Paramount+

According to former The Challenge winner Brad Fiorenza, All Stars 4 was a “real challenge” for him for several reasons.

With the spinoff’s fourth season, it was Brad’s third-straight season attempting to win the show.

He came closest in Season 3, finishing second overall for the men behind winner Wes Bergmann.

That season also saw Brad win several daily challenges and an in-final elimination event against his OG castmate, Mark Long.

However, All Stars 4 resulted in a disappointing finish for the former Real World: San Diego star, as he found himself eliminated by castmate Adam Larson.

Brad recently explained why the return for the spinoff was not his “best work” competing on The Challenge.

Brad reveals several issues affected him on All Stars 4

Brad shared with Entertainment Weekly that a bad breakup and sleep issues affected him during his time on All Stars 4.

“We broke up literally two weeks before the game, and I thought I was in a better position because I wanted to be in a better position. That was pretty rough. I remember walking through the airport and trying to talk myself up,” Brad revealed to EW’s Sydney Bucksbaum.

According to the MTV star, he’d been with that individual for three years and lived together, which made things challenging for him heading into the All-Stars.

“And it’s just difficult when you’re transitioning from a relationship. There’s just so much to process. It’s a major life change. And then there’s so much to prepare for going onto a Challenge,” Brad told EW.

It wasn’t the first time he’d been dealing with a relationship, or issues related to one, while on the competition show, as he’d previously married and divorced castmate Tori Gwinn. He also experienced drama in his previous relationship with Britni Thornton, which played into their time on MTV’s Final Reckoning.

Both Tori and Britni have moved on and married other guys. Brad didn’t share the name of the individual he broke up with ahead of All Stars 4.

Along with Brad’s recent breakup affecting him, the former Cutthroat winner said jet lag and poor sleep were also plaguing him.

“On some of those long, sleepless nights, I found myself thinking back to that breakup and some other personal stuff that was going on at home. That was probably one of my major setbacks this season. There were too many nights — most nights — I was up all night,” Brad said.

He compared his situation on All Stars 4 to a person who couldn’t sleep and kept looking at their clock, realizing they had to go to work in five or six hours. For Brad, that was him realizing he couldn’t sleep and worrying about the next daily challenge in the morning.

“I mean, that was the story of my whole season,” he said.

Will Brad return for The Challenge after All Stars 4?

While Brad had success in many other seasons of The Challenge by winning daily challenges and eliminations, that was not the case on All Stars 4.

He emerged victorious in the first episode’s event, along with Cara Maria Sorbello for the women. Multiple competitors who performed well also achieved a Star, which is required to participate in the season’s final.

However, Brad’s season seemingly went downhill after that, as he cost his teammates several daily challenges based on poor performances.

Ultimately, he lasted until Episode 7, where he and castmate Adam Larson eliminated him in the Cheat Codes event.

Viewers saw him return to MTV’s competition series briefly in Season 39, aka Battle for a New Champion, where he went into an elimination event against main cast member Kyland Young.

The younger competitor defeated Brad in the event, keeping his spot in the game and preserving $10,000 of the cast’s prize purse. He followed that loss up with what he didn’t feel was his best work on All Stars 4.

Will he return after these disappointing performances? According to Brad, he wants a “redo” after All Stars 4.

“I don’t know how many more of these we have. I do know that I don’t want this to be my last season, and I also know that I can’t change it, so I have to accept it,” he told EW.

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