The Challenge’s Paulie Calafiore defends Cara Maria Sorbello from All Stars 4 castmate’s remarks

the challenge usa 2 paulie calafiore face shot at elimination event
Paulie Calafiore addressed remarks he’s heard about his girlfriend during All Stars 4 episodes. Pic credit: Paramount+

With All Stars 4, Cara Maria Sorbello is officially competing on a season of The Challenge after a hiatus of several years.

Viewers last saw her as a mercenary on MTV’s Battle For a New Champion, where she appeared in one episode for an elimination against Season 39’s Michele Fitzgerald.

Cara also appeared as a mercenary for the two-part reunion special, but with All Stars 4, she’s competing to win a spin-off version of the show.

However, Cara and her fans have seen it hasn’t been easy, as she’s struggled to find many allies in the game.

She’s survived through an elimination and navigated the complexities of former friendships to remain in the game.

Cara’s boyfriend, Paulie Calafiore, recently defended her against some remarks about her made on the show.

Paulie defends Cara from ‘nasty’ All Stars 4 remarks

In a recent tweet, former Big Brother houseguest and The Challenge finalist Paulie commented about some of the hate that Cara has received from All Stars 4 castmates.

“I’m all for targeting good competitors. I’m even all for trashing people in confessionals if y’all get into heated moments in the game… HOWEVER, these nasty a** confessionals talking about Cara ain’t it. Especially if you’d act the same way if the whole house was against you,” Paulie tweeted.

Paulie didn’t elaborate on which castmates he meant in his tweet. In recent episodes, viewers saw Cara calling out people she thought were friends, including former castmates Brandon Nelson and Jasmine Reynaud. However, both indicate they either didn’t have a friendship with Cara or that she hadn’t spoken to them in years.

Cara and friend Kam Williams were also at odds due to differing strategies in their gameplay during All Stars 4.

Castmates commented about Cara in Episode 6

On All Stars 4, Episode 6, Cara was part of the group responsible for voting individuals into the elimination. She was vocal during the nomination meeting where she and her castmates voted, indicating she didn’t want Kam to have a chance to steal her Star.

Cara also told the group it was best to put Jasmine against Veronica Portillo for the event to protect her interests.

Returning MTV star Flora Alekseyeva commented about Cara during her chat with castmate Nicole Zanatta and confessional remarks, as she seemed frustrated with how Cara was running things.

“Cara was the speaker of our nominations which makes me sick to my stomach because she was just making everybody change votes,” Flora said in her confessional.

Later, she told Nicole that “Cara manipulated the whole f****g s**t” with the voting and was “gunning for Jasmine” the entire time.

“Cara plays a selfish game and I don’t like that,” Nicole admitted in her confessional during their scene.

Flora then referred to Cara as “this little baby with her diaper full of s***t,” so she’s “uncomfortable and just wants out.”

Some of Cara’s All Stars 4 castmates addressed their situations with her

During post-show interviews or social media remarks, several of Cara’s castmates commented on where they stood with her or how they felt about her. Brandon said he and Cara are doing much better since All Stars 4, after having not spoken in eight years.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Jasmine said she and Cara weren’t friends, so she was surprised that Cara seemed shocked by her voting her into an elimination. However, she didn’t seem to bash Cara. Instead, she mentioned it was her using a different strategy with alliances.

Veronica nearly competed in the recent All Stars 4 episode’s elimination because Cara led other castmates to vote for her. However, in a last-moment switch, castmate Nicole took her spot to defeat Jasmine and earn her Star in the game.

Veronica recently fired back at a fan’s question about Cara, indicating she simply didn’t like the “energy” she brought to a room.

“Why are you so up her p***y? I’m allowed to dislike someone. I’m allowed to not care for someone’s energy they bring into a room. Some people just don’t VIBE & that’s ok,” she tweeted.

screenshot shows twitter comments from veronica about cara on all stars 4
Fireworks on social media. Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

Viewers last saw Veronica and Cara as castmates on MTV’s Final Reckoning. It also featured Paulie’s debut on The Challenge. That particular season, Veronica teamed up with Chris “CT” Tamburello in a duo that was at odds and struggled to get anywhere in the game.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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7 days ago

I am amazed that ANY of them can be friends. The game is all about being cutthroat and winning the money above all. Don’t get me wrong. I love it!! The whining from some of these “girls” is stupid. One minute they are hating Cara, the next they are supposedly swayed by her to change who they are voting into elimination. Can’t have it both ways.

6 days ago

I have watched Cara since she joined the Challenge and LOVE her. She is a champ and deserves respect. You go Cara.