The Challenge: Cara Maria Sorbello’s All Stars 4 castmate says they ‘weren’t really friends’

cara maria sorbello face shot from the challenge all stars 4
Cara Maria Sorbello on The Challenge: All Stars 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 4 has featured former champions, finalists, and OGs from MTV’s past battling it out to get to the final and potentially claim $250,000.

Several episodes have focused on returning two-time champion Cara Maria Sorbello and her struggles to navigate the game.

So far, she’s had feuds with Kam Williams, Brandon Nelson, and Jasmine Reynaud due to how the voting went for eliminations.

On recent episodes that arrived on Paramount+, viewers saw all three of those cast members as part of Cara Maria’s plan to rule over the eliminations.

Just recently, Cara’s castmate Jasmine commented about their situation inside and outside the game.

This report will contain spoilers from The Challenge: All Stars 4, Episode 6 on Paramount+.

Cara targeted All Stars 4 castmates who went after her

In one of the biggest eliminations matchups of the first half of All Stars 4, viewers saw cast members pit two-time champions Rachel Robinson and Cara against one another. The epic battle took place in Episode 4.

Cara won the event, a ninja star-throwing contest, to eliminate one of the strongest competitors from the game. Since Cara already had a required star, she gave Rachel’s star to Jasmine, figuring it would make her a target.

That came into play in Episode 6, as Cara was part of the middle group from the daily challenge and basically dictated to other castmates how they should vote in Jasmine against Veronica Portillo. Both players had stars.

Cara’s strategy was to protect herself by blocking Kam from competing in the elimination after Kam had requested it so she could obtain her star.

At The Arena, winning daily challenge player Nicole Zanatta opted to take over Jasmine’s place to go against Veronica but then switched her decision and went against Jasmine. She ultimately sent Jasmine home from the game and claimed a star.

Jasmine says her relationship with Cara Mara was like ‘coworkers’

Viewers saw in an earlier All Stars 4 episode where Cara called out Jasmine and Brandon over the elimination voting, claiming she learned who her friends aren’t in the game.

Brandon mentioned that he hadn’t talked to Cara in eight years and that she hadn’t checked in on him during several significant situations that affected his life.

According to Jasmine, she and Cara Maria aren’t friends outside of The Challenge, so she was “shocked” that Cara felt “betrayed” by her. She described her situation with the two-time champion while speaking to InTouch Weekly.

“We never talk outside the game. I’ve never had her number. She’s never had mine. We’ve done quite a few Challenges together in our 20s. We were always cordial to each other, never had a problem. We only had to go against each other because of other people’s votes, never her coming after me or me coming after her,” Jasmine said.

“We always had a pretty fine relationship … So, for me, when she says I’m being a s****y friend to her, we weren’t really friends! We were coworkers who lived together and worked together,” she shared with InTouch Weekly.

Jasmine also said castmates assumed she had alliances with many people because she knew castmates outside of All Stars 4 or talked to them.

“Cara made the assumption that we were working together, so everyone decided – instead of coming up and asking me – everyone made assumptions. If they would’ve asked me to my face, I would’ve told them the truth [that we weren’t],” Jasmine said.

All Stars 4 was Jasmine’s second attempt at the spin-off show after returning to compete in All Stars 2. The Real World: Cancun star appeared on five seasons of MTV’s The Challenge but never reached the final.

During her exit interview remarks after losing her All Stars 4 elimination, she said she couldn’t wait to return to play again but planned to use a different strategy for her next attempt.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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