The Challenge’s Big T reveals surprising castmate as her ‘male bestie’ from Double Agents

the challenge star tula big t fazakerley during interview segment
The Challenge’s Tula “Big T” Fazakerley says she bonded with a male castmate from Double Agents. Pic credits: MTV

During The Challenge: Double Agents, feuds may have formed between some cast members, but there have also been some friendships that grew from the show. That includes several for Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, who currently appears on her third season of MTV’s show.

While in the house, Big T seemed to form an alliance with some of the smaller rookie females, which appears to have led to some new friendships for the former Shipwrecked star.

She also became partners with Chris “CT” Tamburello due to the rules of Double Agents forcing them to team up after Big T’s original partner, Joseph Allen, was eliminated.

However, during a recent Q&A session, Big T revealed how another Double Agents cast member became her “male bestie” on the show due to them bonding while the filming took place.

Big T says she bonded with Double Agents castmate

It may surprise some fans to learn Big T recently revealed her male bestie is none other than Devin Walker, the man who seems to have instigated a few arguments with other competitors during the Double Agents season. Those were mostly due to Devin’s Big Brother feud with reality TV veterans including Josh Martinez and Fessy Shafaat.

“Obviously, I came in with Kyle, and I’m really close with Fessy, but this season I met Devin, and [he] is definitely like a best friend, in and outside of the house,” Big T said during her Q&A session.

During Double Agents season, there was a scene where Big T was having a conversation with castmates Kyle Christie, Amber M, and Devin. During that talk, Big T became emotional as she talked about losing both of her parents. Devin admitted he admired her for being able to go through all of that, as he had lost his father during a previous season.

While that scene also featured Devin getting into a spat with Amber M., Big T revealed that she made a strong connection during that conversation. Based on her recent Q&A reply, she says Devin stuck around for a lot longer than that scene could show viewers watching at home.

“When I opened up about being adopted and my parents passing, what wasn’t shown was that Devin actually stayed with me for about three or four hours when I was like crying in tears, and he really showed support for me,” Big T shared.

She went on to say that even outside of the house, she and Devin have a “really strong friendship” that has held up after filming ended.

Big T also bonded with Double Agents rookies, teammate

Also during Double Agents, Big T was seen meeting up with her fellow Challenge rookies to found the “Itty Bitty Small Committee” alliance. In addition to herself, it featured rookies Amber M, Gabby Allen, and supposedly, Amber Borzotra.

However, Amber B. has been anything but committed to that alliance, and has shown much more loyalty to fellow Big Brother stars on Double Agents.

Meanwhile, Big T has made a recent trip to visit her rookie friend Amber M. and cousin Kimmy in Los Angeles. The trio has recorded several YouTube reaction videos together as they watched back episodes of Double Agents. During one of the videos, Big T and Amber M. discussed Amber B. lying about things during and after the show was filmed.

It also appears that Big T has a friendship with Gabby Allen, who is friends with Amber M as well. Add in her Double Agents partner, Chris “CT” Tamburello, and Big T seems to be building quite the network of Challenge stars for future seasons.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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